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For those who would like to build there own body we started the 17th of march with the first workshop,
with pictures we wil guide you thru al the steps of making your own silicon mould and laminating a body.

Items you need for the silicon mould

Sulfer free modelling clay
Epoxy resin (200gr)
Epoxy harder (fast) 100gr
Epoxy harder (fast)
Silicone Rubber (1kg)
Small stuff (gloves, brushes, mixing cups, stiringwood, ect)

What you need is a good stattic model like the one you can see on the picture above.

You have to close up al possible holes where the silicon could run tru (windows and wheelarchers),
used materials are sheetplastic moddelingclay,a old blister could also do the job.

even the little holes could make a fallure so check everything before you are going to cast the
model in to the wooden case.

Inside of the mold

Now you need to place the model on to the floorplate, we used modelingclay without sulfer
why without sulfer, sulfer is an agresif material and could leave marks on the stattic model
And when its expensive you dont want that to happen.

If you want to take the clay that is been put on to mutch away use a little pensil with some wasbenzine and a toothpick
could also do the job. What you leave on the model will be seen in the silicon model you are making.

Fola is cleaning up the mold and is also checking the hight of the model on the floor plate

Depending on the model you need to have a wooden case that is giving you at least 2.5 cm space on all sides
For the viper we used a floorplate 22x12 cm and the side boards are 6 cm high.
You have to take in the messurements of the material also for the boards
if used 1 cm than the boards need to be 14x7x1 for the short sides
and for the long side you need 22x7x1.
We used MDF 1.2 cm.
When you use MDF drill up forehand holes for the screws otherwhise the wood wil split.

You are going to make a buste out of the clay to place the model on.
When you have don that, take the model and place it on that bust and be sure that
everything round the model is closed.
close up the mould around the model , so you have only a opening on the top.
Check the wooden panels

Now its time to prepaire the silicon for the mould,
for a car like the 575 we needed close to one kilo
Take the mixingcups and fill them up to 250grams.
you have to mix it with 5% harder (so 250 gr silicon and 12.5 gr harder)
why only 250 grams ,wel you need to stir the silicon very good to get the harder mixed,
so the drying is going in a good proces.
To get the best result in silicon, take a brush and start to brush in the parts like air inlets and all those other places.
Where silicon could not run in easely.
While your filling up the mold it should be on a vibrating plate( easy to make with an old motor and a platic case)
It will let the airbubbles come up to the surface.
After your don with stiring (5 minutes ) you start to poor the silicon in the mould at one place and fil out the floorplate first.
repeat this until the mould is filled up until the edges of the wooden case.
Now you need patience ( something we slotracers dont have).
The silicon needs to dry at least 24 hours

The next day take of de sidepanels of the mold and pul the master out of the silicon
be carefull with this and be sure that te silicon is not getting hooked up in airinlets.
The result should be a mirror of the master and hopefully in good shape
GFK (80grm2) and some Carbon
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