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About this forum, see it as a classic sports car
tamar - 13-8-2018 at 13:14

This Forum was created at the turn of the century....the twentieth Century.
A lot has changed in the online world since then...which you will definitely notice once you start using the forum...because, besides a minor upgrade in the mid zero's, this forum has not.

This forum is not Mobile device friendly (as it was built way before Smartphone and Tablets)
This forum is not linked to Facebook, Instagram Snapchat et all
Posting images will require some work.

On the plus side
This forum will not collect your data on your personal preferences (its to dumb to do so)
This forum will not show Google ads for commercial gain (because we're to dumb to do so)

Please see, treat and use this forum like a period Sportscar
It still looks good, it still performs good, but its not on par with the latest technology...
...which is not always a bad thing ;)

It still does what it was designed to do so, share info between those who want to communicate.