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Troublesome Attachments
Admin 1/32 - 15-8-2018 at 20:06

Dear Scale Sports Car fans
After bringing Lazarus back to seems that somewhere somehow the forum has missed an upgrade, update or got left behind in humanities rush to online pleasures.

Could not be bothered more, if not for the attachment display function on the forum that has gone :toilet:
And that is a kind of key feature.

Attaching files like PDF still seems to work, but a simple JPEG, GIF or PNG it does not want to display.
So you know what all the blank spots in the old post are...
...and why you can't upload stuff directly from your PC laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Together with the forum I've also resurrected our Old Webmonster W.Kloppenburg from his retirement...
...Just when he thought he was out :D

Anyhow hopefully we can get this old beast back firing on all cylinders.:car:
We'll keep you posted.