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LMS 2005 R6: 8hrs Endurance, MRTU, Uden, NL Dec 10-11
As usual the last race of the 2005 series proved to be a real cliffhanger.
Running modelcars on a Blue King is one of the biggest endurance test possible. To top things of, Matchbox, DVR and Smokey were lugged in a 8hrs long battle. The outcome of which would decide 2nd place in the championship.
To spice things up series leader RfH added some yellow musscle power.

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LMS 2005 R4: Group C Sprint, Src Niederrhein, Moers, D Sept 10
For the second Group C race the LMS headed east once again.
The race in Moers had 2 novelties for the racers: Racing on Saturday and running on the famous Ortman/Wiesel tyres.

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LMS 2004 R5: Le 9heures du Le(eu)warden,NL Dec 11-12
With the new Hot Slot circuit still under construction, the LMS returned once more to Leeuwarden for final race of the 2004 season.
Once again the famous 6 lane Carrera track provided some very close racing

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LMS 2004 Galleries

LMS 2004 Round 2
Mai 21-22, Blue King 24 hrs
MRTU, Uden,Netherlands

Hamburg 12hrs 2004
Renncenter Hamburg

`epc 2004
June 14 SMRLM
Le Mans, France

LMS 2004 Round 3
June 27, SRC de ridder
Scheveningen ,Netherlands

Speedlines 24 hrs
July 3-4 Speedlines
Diepenbeek, Belgium

LMS 2004 Round 5
Dec 11-12 MRCL
Leeuwarden ,Netherlands
LMS 2003 Galleries

LMS 2003 Round 1
April 24, Blue King 24 hrs
MRTU, Uden,Netherlands

LMS 2003 Round 2
Mai 30, Speedlines
Diepenbeek, Belgium

LMS 2003 Round 3
June 30 Src De Ridder

LMS 2003 Round 4
Oct 25 MRCL
Leeuwarden ,Netherlands

LMS 2003 Round 5
Jan 25 2004 Src Niederrhein
Moers , Germany

EPC 2003
June 12-13, MRLM
Le Mans, France
LMS 2002 Galleries

LMS 2002 Round 3
October 19/20
Src De Ridder

LMS 2002 Round 2
April 24/25, MRTU
Uden, Netherlands

EPC 2002
June 13/14
Le Mans, France
LMS 2001 Galleries

LMS 2001 Round 4
November 24/25, MRCL
Les 9hrs de Le(eu)warden
the Netherlands

LMS 2001 Round 3

September 8/9, MSD
Kamp Linfort, Germany

LMS 2001 Round 2
April 24/25, MRTU
Uden, The Netherlands

Le Mans 2001 Slot Meet

June 15, SMR Le Mans
Le Mans, France
LMS 2000 Gallery

LMS 2000
Images from the inaugural Series.