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2006: #16 Mcdonalds
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2007: #122 Mspeed
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1999 was the first year in more than 2 decades that a Porsche wasn't going for an Overall victory at Le Mans.

After its '98' win with what was only in name a 911, Porsche had come full circle, and returned with its 911 successor the new 996 GT3.

At first the 996 was a bit of a shock for the Porsche pundits... no Turbo's, and water cooling?
Under the sleek clean 996 Bodylines Porsche engineers had managed shoe horn the "old" 98 GT1 Evo engine, although it didn't take long before the 996 began to grow...not only in the number of fans but also in size!

In 99 and 2000 the Porsche were literally in a class of their own, winning its class at Le Mans, Daytona, the FIA GT and US Grand Am series. But by 2001 competition arrived in the form of the Calloway C12 at Le Mans and the V8 BMW M3GTR in the ALMS. Porsche responded in the only way it knew ...with bigger wings, bigger wheelarches and more power, oh.. and it also called its GT3 RS an 911. There was one team that went even further. With nothing left to prove in N-GT, RWS Motorsport created an even "fatter" Porsche GT for Daytona to take on the GTS class. This it turned out to be was a over enthusiastic. The GT was still based on a the 996 production car.

By 2002 the GT3 RS are no longer alone in N-GT, new entries by the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Marcos mean that the Porsches have to work for their wins.

Porsche 911 GT3-R (LM 99):
Length : 4450 mm, Width: 1770 mm, Wheelbase: 2380 mm, Height: 1270 mm, Tyres: Michelin/Pirelli , Wheels : BBS

Models for Porsche 911/996 GT3 RS
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Scale Production 996 GT3 RS 1/24 99.9x82.5x51.0 99.0 81.5 82.5
Scale Production 996 GT3 RS 1/24 99.9x82.5x51.0 99.0 81.5 82.5
Tamiya 996 GT3 1/24 99.9x74.5x51.0 99.0 73.5 74.5

#16 Mcdonalds McDonalds Racing (B) 2006
Participated in:

Event: Euphony 24 Hours of Zolder Date: 27.8.2006
Track: Circuit Zolder (B)

Porsche 996 Bi-Turbo Class 1
Motor Porsche F6 Twin-Turbo, Rear-engined
Driven by: Franois Bouillon (B)/Menno Kuus (UAE)/Ben Robinson (GB)/Helmert-Jan van der Slik (NL)
Result: did not finish
Grid: 14th (1:37.878)
Sponsors: McDonalds Colours: Red/Yellow/ Black
Tyres: unknown
Photo by courtesy of: Pincus 2003-2009 RacingPincus

Decalsheet by DMC, available from
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