Very interesting looking chassis from Niemas
I have GOT to get me one of those!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
14-6-2009 at 20:25
by: JustMe
19 teams
Hello everyone,

the OEPS seems to get off on a high start; within a week of the launch we are at ...
28-5-2009 at 08:18
by: JustMe
thanks Kai
should you be interested, you can subscribe by using the email on the oeps-info.com site or by sendi ...
27-5-2009 at 10:38
by: JustMe
Open European Prototype Series (OEPS)
Hello everyone,

I've been a bit quite on this forum, but I wanna reach as many people as I can w ...
25-5-2009 at 19:01
by: JustMe
Yes Oliviera, I ship to any country you would like :laugh:
Please contact me by mail if you would l ...
16-3-2009 at 08:30
by: JustMe
cool car Gecko!
Promising to be a very good looking car.

Oliviera, take a look around here
http://picasaweb.goog ...
13-3-2009 at 09:48
by: JustMe
I'm fast...
but not that fast :laugh::laugh:
14-12-2008 at 21:53
by: JustMe
1/24 Acura ARX-01b
A small update on the Acura progress
[img]http://lh3.ggpht.com/_hjD4XV1hLeE/SULpE9hB5AI/AAAAAAAADBg ...
13-12-2008 at 16:21
by: JustMe
1/24 Acura ARX-01b
I started the Acura today, and made some pretty radical first steps :laugh:

http://picasaweb.goog ...
27-11-2008 at 21:54
by: JustMe
This is fast!
In 1990 during qualifying, the Nissans turbo got stuck, constantly pumping in 1,8 bar in the engine, ...
20-11-2008 at 21:13
by: JustMe
Lola B07/46
Hey Guys,

Although I forgot to download the very latest pics from my cam, here's a peek on the Lo ...
7-11-2008 at 20:59
by: JustMe
check this out dudes
Not to difficult here ;)

A-Team Van is mine :laugh:
7-11-2008 at 18:57
by: JustMe
That's why there's no minimum weight fo rthe body
And my chassis is only 76mm wide, but up from the next laser-run they will be only 66 wide, as this ...
25-9-2008 at 17:00
by: JustMe
missing pic posted
haha awesome!!!!!!! :car::car::car:
13-9-2008 at 09:24
by: JustMe
Products List Nick de Wachter Parts
The forum is not dead!!!!!!!!! :laugh::laugh:

I've put my camera to use, and altough I still gott ...
12-9-2008 at 23:52
by: JustMe
I got a digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing is impossible ;)
8-9-2008 at 18:13
by: JustMe
Know that
But it's kinda hard keeping it steady with one hand :laugh:
8-9-2008 at 13:51
by: JustMe
I got a digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it took a while, but here they are: my pictures of the stuff I do in the weekends:D

http:// ...
7-9-2008 at 20:34
by: JustMe
Spa Legends at Spa
Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask a few things:
Setting up the car: At the entry page it still sais ...
3-9-2008 at 16:15
by: JustMe
Perhaps this time it was better to start late, like I always do :D I have to start building still fo ...
8-7-2008 at 09:16
by: JustMe
Small update
No sorry no cam yet :D
But, I've testfitted a chassis under one of the 908's, and it turns out th ...
5-7-2008 at 08:30
by: JustMe
99% certain
It says Automotive in white, to still have their name in the liitle box
4-7-2008 at 16:52
by: JustMe
looks like the ALD Automotive logo
don't know how to put a picture here, but find a pic on FIA GT from 2007. Check the Maser's MC12 V ...
4-7-2008 at 14:17
by: JustMe
Nick de Wachter Parts new kit Peugeot 908
Hello everyone,

At the IMCA Worlds in a few weeks I'll present my new kit, code-named "Cali", and ...
4-7-2008 at 11:34
by: JustMe
Scrutineering will be FUN
30-6-2008 at 19:30
by: JustMe
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