Le Mans Legends @ Spa Francorchamps
Hello Slotdrivers.

Looks to me you guy's had a lot of fun.
Nice looking cars aswell.

Cheers ...
21-10-2008 at 18:11
by: Sideways
For Sale, Hasagawa Porsche 962C Advan kit.
Hey Guys,

For Sale,

* Hasagawa kit Porsche 962 Advan.

Including sendcosts Netherlands/Belgi ...
1-7-2008 at 11:51
by: Sideways
Progressive Controller for Sale.
Hey Guy's,

For Sale,

* [b]Progressive Controller[/b]

- Shortboard, 8 resistors (latest val ...
1-7-2008 at 11:14
by: Sideways
EEC Rnd 3 Pix
Very nice pictures!
It was a great race weekend.
27-5-2008 at 20:56
by: Sideways
Wie het kleine niet eert........Official FIA GT News
Great to see the news!

Small-Big...size doesn't matter, we play the same game.
Nice to see Smal ...
11-2-2008 at 17:12
by: Sideways
Entries Merlijn.
Hi Guy's,

How can the teams sign in for this race?


Onno Sideways.
28-12-2007 at 17:46
by: Sideways
Group 5 Alsdorf
Hallo Emily,

I placed allready a post for Team Sideways earlier.

Where is the place for Team S ...
25-10-2007 at 10:08
by: Sideways
Team Sideways
Dear all,

Team Sideways would like to join the Gr.5 race.

Onno Griepink & Sergiu Hauer driving ...
22-10-2007 at 16:15
by: Sideways
Pics in building phase of Oscar H controller to be....
Looking good!!
Looks like the risistors will be lower placed then all versions before, will they b ...
21-10-2007 at 10:01
by: Sideways
Qualification procedure
This way of qualifying, is the way to qualify.
This way of qualifying is qualified by Team Sideways ...
17-10-2007 at 15:02
by: Sideways
Alsdorf race
Dear Legends,

We are all part of History.

Some more Slotrace History has been written last wee ...
15-10-2007 at 22:59
by: Sideways
Alsdorf once over!

I quess I can start dreaming again.

(former and the Bandit)
8-8-2007 at 22:14
by: Sideways
Spa without the gas.
[b]For me it will be; “Spa” (without gas).[/b]

Spa Reine, there is only one.
Spa Francorc ...
2-8-2007 at 22:49
by: Sideways
Inschrijvingen voor sprint race GT/LMP Scheveningen
Dear Slotters,

Training evenings at Scheveningen are:
Thuesday / Thursday evening ( 20.00-23.30 ...
16-6-2007 at 19:10
by: Sideways
Nice suits.
Men in Black.......it ain't looks wack!

Pretty Cool guys!

It's a different approach of how t ...
27-6-2006 at 17:31
by: Sideways
To sponge or not to sponge, is that a question?
Like your story.... Spongehenk!
Aswell... like the way, you "drive" your Inglish.

:) :D, Onno ...
11-4-2006 at 21:38
by: Sideways
team gezocht...
Maurice, welkom bij Team Sideways.

Team Sideways, gaat al jaren over het kunstof/hout asfalt met ...
10-4-2006 at 14:14
by: Sideways
LMS Finals gallery
Leuke foto's van een leuke slotrace!

Op naar het volgend raceseisoen.

Groeten en fijne dagen, ...
22-12-2005 at 00:26
by: Sideways
Fuck! Ik ben gefilmd door "Blik op de weg" op weg naar mn werk..
Kijk maar even......


Gro ...
20-12-2005 at 23:59
by: Sideways
Balls out for RFH in Uden
Congratulations for RFH!!!!

They drove a clean race from the start!

Well we.....we will be the ...
16-12-2005 at 04:16
by: Sideways
Balls out for RFH in Uden
Zoals jullie inderdaad zien hebben we de eerste rondjes in de showroom gereden op een laminaat vloer ...
8-12-2005 at 03:44
by: Sideways
Balls out for RFH in Uden
Hello all,

Team Sideways is coming out with a BMW-LMR, trying to look at the front of the Corvett ...
6-12-2005 at 17:23
by: Sideways
Program LMS Finals (Provisional-Voorlopig)
ik heb er al zin in..........:car:
26-11-2005 at 16:51
by: Sideways
!!! PRIMEUR 1/24 Formula 1 PRIMEUR !!!
Hoi Johan,

De F1 auto's zien er echt top uit en ben heel erg benieuwd hoe het rijd.

Groetjes, ...
19-11-2005 at 13:01
by: Sideways
!!! PRIMEUR 1/24 Formula 1 PRIMEUR !!!

Ik wil wel mee doen met de F1 wedstrijd volgend jaar.
Ben erg benieuwd en lijkt me gew ...
17-11-2005 at 00:27
by: Sideways
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