Scaleauto Kampioenschap 2015 (SAK'15) Ronde 4 Resultaten
Beste allemaal - hier http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/entries.php?action=entries&eventid=18 ...
3-11-2015 at 07:59
by: gabe2001
decaldoc.de site zegt dat het ordersysteem momenteel niet aan staat. geen verdere uitleg waarom

a ...
22-4-2013 at 20:06
by: gabe2001
Training in Noord
Wij gaan volgende week uitzoeken wanneer er getraind kan worden en zullen op zoveel mogelijke kanale ...
13-4-2013 at 19:30
by: gabe2001
2013 NL Scaleauto Kampioenschap Ronde 2
Allen - de [url=http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/entries.php?action=entries&eventid=153&sort ...
8-4-2013 at 14:30
by: gabe2001
Z4 en 2013 NL Scaleauto Kampioenschap
de kogel is door de je weet wel...

De Z4 word standaard gereden - bij het inbouwen van ramen, rol ...
24-3-2013 at 20:45
by: gabe2001
Bmw z4
is nog te bepalen - ga ervan uit dat alles origineel moet zijn - in de loop van volgende week zal er ...
17-3-2013 at 20:13
by: gabe2001
which pills work best?
...and why ...and where can I get them :D:D:D:D
8-2-2013 at 18:47
by: gabe2001
28-10-2011 at 12:12
by: gabe2001
elktronische regelaar
dat zijn features om natte handen van te krijgen:
http://www.truspeed.co.uk/product.php?product_id= ...
26-10-2011 at 11:03
by: gabe2001
elktronische regelaar
Dr. Google to the rescue :-)

het schema wat het meest op de regelaar van Willem lijk kun je hier ...
26-10-2011 at 10:58
by: gabe2001
Le Mans Legends 1989 @ HH @2011 - Team 2/3xRfH joins 1/3xSlotfabrik
not enough time to spend on the computer - finished 6th with light issues as well as setup controver ...
10-4-2011 at 09:09
by: gabe2001
Le Mans Legends 1989 @ HH @2011 - Team 2/3xRfH joins 1/3xSlotfabrik
Hello Friends,

quick update from this year's LML'89 - Team RfH withdrew registration and joins Fo ...
9-4-2011 at 06:20
by: gabe2001
OEPS 2011 - Round 2 - Ein Rennbericht
Hallo Leute!

hier ein Rennbericht vom letzten Wochenende in Gteborg.

gabe - Team R.i.C ...
7-4-2011 at 09:32
by: gabe2001
OEPS 2011 - Round 2 - A race report
Hello gang,

here's a race report from last weekend's race in Goteborg.

gabe - Team R. ...
7-4-2011 at 09:31
by: gabe2001
This weekend: opening event
with Gruppe 5 race on Monday, Nov. 1st.

Here's the car I'll be racing together with Alex and Fo ...
30-10-2010 at 23:52
by: gabe2001
Spa track moves into a good home :)
The good people of 1A Slotpiste (http://www.1a-slotpiste.de/) are the new proud owners of the specta ...
19-9-2010 at 17:07
by: gabe2001
On a dark desert highway...
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ...
17-9-2010 at 09:13
by: gabe2001
link to hotslot workshop article: http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/news.php?action=view&cati ...
14-8-2010 at 17:30
by: gabe2001
Ford GT 2010
very nice!
which light kit(s) have you used?
which paint have you used for the blue?
21-7-2010 at 17:24
by: gabe2001
Aan en afmeldingen M1 Procar 6 Juni
op de homepage staat 20 juni - in deze post 6 juni - welke is bedoeld? :)
ik kan 6 en 20 juni
-gab ...
9-5-2010 at 21:14
by: gabe2001
Team Chilled Samba (not R.i.C.H.)
Looking good Raymond.

I just finished applying the decals to our Corvette this afternoon - so muc ...
25-3-2010 at 18:33
by: gabe2001
Spa 6-laner moves to Bedburg
sorry for the late reply - no update yet - nothing has been done since we were there last year in No ...
22-1-2010 at 16:46
by: gabe2001
Spa 6-laner moves to Bedburg
well - more volunteers are always welcome - there's still a ton to be done...

Btw - has anyone a ...
18-11-2009 at 15:24
by: gabe2001
Spa 6-laner moves to Bedburg
Hey Guys, preliminary post of the activities around moving the Spa wooden track from Alsdorf to Bedb ...
14-11-2009 at 09:49
by: gabe2001
Results: everyone's a winner baby
8-11-2009 at 13:24
by: gabe2001
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