9 maart: Scaleauto Track & Training day scheveningen
Eens. De Benz is een echte beginners of starters auto. Lekker cruisen met die bak.
22-2-2013 at 19:00
by: slotmad
Pimp(ed) my Porsche (997 GT3 RSR Scaleauto)
I totally agree with Tamar's stattement "wheels make the car". Wonderful done! It makes a differe ...
17-2-2013 at 11:12
by: slotmad
Scale auto raceverloop en schades

Afgelopen zondag werd het verloop van de mooie races sterk benvloed door de opgelopen ...
12-2-2013 at 10:07
by: slotmad
LOLA B12/60
I think he used bearings from a slotcar for the headlights.
31-1-2013 at 19:03
by: slotmad
Aan en afmeldingen M1 Procar 6 Juni
Hoi racers,

Tamar en ik zijn beide moderator van de website en organisator van de M1 race. De rac ...
10-5-2010 at 15:27
by: slotmad
Maserati MC 12 - AF Corse - testing some lightning tricks
We have produced [b]fog[/b] at night shifts at the Spa track. It was really cool to see the cars dri ...
12-12-2009 at 11:26
by: slotmad
Lemans Legends ghost car
Lemans Legends Ghost car seen at Soul Bros inc factory.

[img]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_U-9o4xRsE0c/Sg ...
11-5-2009 at 17:30
by: slotmad
Same same but different ;-)
You are the detail master, the bench-mark. Very nice work.

What do you think about a GT1 race wit ...
15-4-2009 at 10:27
by: slotmad
Congratulations to Tamar and Gabriel (RFH1) and Fola (Slotfabrik) for 1st and 2nd place at Hamburg. ...
6-4-2009 at 11:10
by: slotmad
crash and burn slotracing
What the f... is this???? A new dimension with slots so close we will crash and burn fuel?

Let u ...
5-2-2009 at 15:31
by: slotmad
HO HO HO .... Happy Hollidays
Merry Christmas to all,

The Soul Brothers;)
25-12-2008 at 09:53
by: slotmad
Barbizon Plaza Rumble :-)
Looks like much fun to me. Can't wait to race the busses.:laugh:
9-12-2008 at 15:30
by: slotmad
Dear webmaster,

Will you please track, identify and kill the ghost publically.

Th ...
4-12-2008 at 11:46
by: slotmad
wat naar voor Henri !!!!!!!:finger:
4-12-2008 at 08:39
by: slotmad
Where are the results 0f 30/11/08 (BMW race)?????:cry:

Gr, Marcel
3-12-2008 at 18:30
by: slotmad
Registration Big Wheels team Soul Brothers
We would like to register Soul Brothers with a Ford Capri, Sachs white.


Henri van Gool ...
15-9-2008 at 22:36
by: slotmad
I got a digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Nick,

For close-up pics, you need to use the "flower" button on your camera.
8-9-2008 at 07:31
by: slotmad
Dear Raymond,

There are to my opinion two way's to control the height of the car. The wheel dia ...
19-6-2008 at 14:39
by: slotmad
Why do front wheel arches have to be used?
I do not get it? Why is chosen in the rules that we have to use the front wheel arches? For what rea ...
19-6-2008 at 10:19
by: slotmad
Hi Guys,

As long as I race the width of the front wheels is measured at the largest point (the ou ...
3-6-2008 at 12:27
by: slotmad
my WRC Projekt...
Hi Michael,

It is quite easy when you know how. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Witho ...
3-6-2008 at 10:31
by: slotmad
EEC R3 race report Dutch Age Racing

To start I would like to thank the organization, all racers and others who made this eve ...
26-5-2008 at 09:34
by: slotmad
Hi Mark,

If you make a contra holder for your motor, you can use the new holder also to attach th ...
26-5-2008 at 08:07
by: slotmad
my WRC Projekt...
Hi Michael,

For the most impressive result I use the sunny whites from your Godfather Oscar!
22-5-2008 at 20:39
by: slotmad
my WRC Projekt...
Hallo Michael,

Her looks are nice. Please her with lights and flaming pipes. Put in a strong moto ...
19-5-2008 at 23:23
by: slotmad
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