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Pictures from the LMS R3 and the first IMCA FIAGT race have been added, only LMS R2 is now missing from the 2006 galleries.

Nov 19-20 LMS FINALS Part 1, Titanic Bowling, Alsdorf Germany
On November 19th and 20th, 11 teams took part in an endurance race on what must be the most daunting slotrace (model) track in Europe. For 2 days a mix of GT's and LMP's raced in day & night conditions on the Spa/Franchorchamps circuit @ the Titanic Bowling, Alsdorf Germany.This 170 foot, six lane routed track is a spectacular recreation of the famous Spa Francochamps circuit in Belgium and undoubtably one of the most daunting and realistic slot racing tracks in the world. Part 1 covers the event from Friday to Saturday evening. :Pictures & captions by Gabriel Inbnit & Eddy Witkamp
Nov 19-20 LMS FINALS Part 2, Titanic Bowling, Alsdorf Germany
Saturday Night Live, after a day's hard work, it was good to relax and what better way than to wine & dine with your friends. There were plenty of jokes, laughs, toast and empty bottles of Baileys.... And then there was still a race to finish....and what else was suppost to finish. Pictures & captions by Gabriel Inbnit & Eddy Witkamp
Les Neuf heures du Vikings
For the first time RfH went on tour without its fearless leader. The Aston was ready and the racers - Nick, Henri (guest racer from team Dutch Age Racing) and me - were all fired up. Would we be able to repeat a podium finish as we did in the past visits to Denmark's Frederikssund?.
Pictures & captions by Gabriel Inbnit
IMCA Worlds 2006 Gallery Aug 21-23 IMCA WORLDS, Centro Modellismo, Les Franquesas (Barcalona), Spain
All the uncertenties preceding the 2006 IMCA world championship were easily forgotten once the races started in Les Franquesas, a small town north of Barcelona. The races were good, entertaining and for many the outcome was unsure right until the very last laps.
Pictures & captions by Gabriel Inbnit, Al Paterson
RfH aka the Baileys Boys @ Speedlines 24hrs
After winning the Speedlines 24hrs for 4years in a row, RfH announced that this would be their finals race @ Diepenbeek. RfH took their suits, shades and lots of Baileys to contest the Belgium classic one last time..... in "style".
Pictures: by Gabriel Inbnit & Tamar
IMCA FIA GT, May 24/25 2006 Euregio Raceway, bach Palenberg (Germany)
Every racer dreams of taking Eau Rouge flat out, it's what draws racers from all over the world to Spa Francorchamps. A Modellcar racer however dreams not of going to the Ardennes..for their dream lays in a small German town called Ubach Palenberg...... So on Ascencion weekend May 2006, twentynine modelcar racers tarvelled form all over Europe to the 1/24 Spa Francorchamp circuit of the Euregio Raceway. .The entrants came from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Danmark, Finland, New Zealand (for Finland;-) and even some from Germany, to start in IMCA's first round of the 1/24 FIA GT European Endurance Championship
LMS2006R1 LMS R#3 Blue King 24hrs, May 13/14 2006 Uden (Netherlands)
The Blue King in Uden has been recurring feature on the LMS calender for many years, and after the inspiring first win of a Corvette in the 2005 finals, no less then half the grid were GT's. ALthough a GT won again, it certainly was not and easy one. The 2006 edition of the Blue King 24hrs was one that had the LMS shaken...not stirred. Pictures: Gabriel Inbnit, Eddy Witkamp
LMS2006R1 LMS R#1 Group C Sprintrace, 2 February 2006, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
The 2006 season started with a group C Sprint race on the MRCL Carrera track. This time there were no hand-out Poly tyres, each driver had to make their own. A fact exploited to the full by the Frysian racers who saw their chance to produced some neat "trick" tyres for all their club drivers. As a result they almost claimed the complete podium. Pictures: Rob de Wit
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