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In the last trimester of 2006 news of the split up between Revell Germany and Revell-Monogram (USA) made many wonder what this would mean for their future releases. Wel..some 3 months's what we know...
To celebrate their independence, Revell Monogram will release an update of their 2005 C6 kit (pictured right). The big news being that the kit now includes decals for 2006 Le Mans winner as well (#RMX85-2016). Sticking to their beloved 1/25 scale means the car will be a tad too small for us "european" slot model racers, although the dimensions are closer to the Carrera C6 (80mm wide) than the old C5R. For the rest, its a beautifull little car, well detailed and well build it will be a good looking racer. Release date in Europe 03/2007.

Revell Audi R10 ALMS 2006 Joest #7
Revell Germany had bigger ambitions, two totally new 1/24 kits are to be released in 2007. "Vorsprung durch technik" or advantage by technology clearly the motto by which Revell Germany celebrates its independency, and what better cars to model than Audi's R8 GT and its all conquering R10 TDi. your heart out mr Tamiya, Revell has done what every sportscar modeller has been longing for over the past injection moulded open sports prototype in 1/24!
You would think that this kit should cause quite a stir in the German slotscene, but a postson their forum gave 0 replies. I mean finally you can race SLP without having to run a Gr C "deckel". But then again, it won't be long before the whole grid is filled with, orange Jagermeister R10's, or dark blue Audi "Michelin's", or the horror of a pink "Sau" TDi. Better build one.... quick...before.....

Revell #07248 Audi R10 TDI: Release date June 2007
Picture: Torsten Engel

By the end of februari most modelmakers have presented their 2007 releases at one of the big toy fairs. Of course we do not all have the ability to go there and skoop the latest news, but with some determined surfing on the web and e few calls to those "who were there" its amazing what info you can get.
For "modern" sportscars 2006 was a "vintage" year, we got the whole flock of GT's, DBR9's (Spark, Renaissance and MFH), plenty of F575's (Carrera, Fuijimi, Redline, Technomodel) and finally the big and bad assed MC12 by Ejan.

For 2007 the Gt pickings are less rich, even though there are plenty off untouched cars out there (somebody do the Spyker in 1/24 please.. I know its ugly..but its Dutch) No seriouly it seems the focus has shifted back to sports prototypes and some come form a very unexpected source......

Check out the new models made by Carrera and Scaleproduction. See which ace Revell Germany had up their sleeve and check out the new range of RTR Group C cars from BRM. After all that update yourself with some new kits by the usual suspect like Tamiya, Fuijimi et al. Oh and dont forget Techno model
Here's a summery of what Gert Klinge found on the web. All in all it gives you a good view of what we can expect for this year

bodyworkshop - 007
bodyworkshop - 007.JPG

BRM: Presents it latest range of 1/24 Porsche 962 RTR slotcars

That Italian BRM has been working on a range of ready to run 1/24 Group C slotcars isn't exactly news. Test Samples have been going around since 2004, at first with Tamiya kit bodies, but that has now changed. At the Nurmberg Toy fair BRM presented the final version of its Porsche range.

According to a BRM spokesman the now tool & produce their own bodies....even though the seem to have a very strong resemblance to the Hasegawa 962c. But never the less, the Italian Porsches are a welcome addition to the 1/24 RTR community.The chosen liveries Advan and FromA add to the "Hasegawa" feel, but the Leyton House, Momo and Kenwood are fresh new faces in the row of usual suspects.

The BRM cars have a neat hard plastic chassis with all the detail parts attached, behind the well detailed cockpit there's an inline NC-2 type 12 volt motor. Drivetrain copmprises a brass pinion on a nylon spur gear, 3 mm axles and boy you got to love those wheels.
Release date said to be June 2007

Scaleproduction goes Digital: a new Saleen SR7.

Scaleproduction is a small model manufacturer, not represented at Nurmberg, but plenty of news. Pictured is Scaleproductions first CAD/CAM project: the Saleen SR7. Like LMM and Spark Models, Michael Graber has taken the next step from "artisan" modeller into the realm of digitized modelling.
3d modelling is now in the final stages, with the Saleen master being laser cut in the coming month. Studying the CAD drawing it is most likely that the SR7 will have at least one opening door (like the F550) and full cockpit detail. A limited run of slotkits is to be expected, and with the digital master count on it that it will be true to scale. As most Scaleproduction kits are Le Mans orientated most likely release date will be mid 2007 with at least some LM and ALMS decals.

Future projects Mosler GTR, Porsche 997
On the workbench, but not expected before 2008, two "analog" kits, just to keep the "feel". Both the Mosler GTR and Porsche 997 projects were initiated in 2006, but such is the workload of mr Graber that he already knows they will not be finished this year, but still its good to know they're coming.

Carrera: first look at the Audi R10 ALMS 2006 Joest #7 and Porsche RS Spyder ALMS 2006 Penske #6

Rember us wonderinghow Carrera was going to fit their Race tuned "Lump" under these low and sleek bodies...... well the answer is simple..they didn't. Pictures of the Audi R10 and the Porsche RS Spyder posted on Carerra's website reveal they went for the "quick and dirty" solution.
Crudely raising the body by a mile which totally ruins the elegant flow on both cars.
But then again how elegant can the "new millennium" prototypes be? Raised floor and flimsy little spoilers hardly give the impression of a purpose build racecar. Build to fit the rules yes, lets no go there, that's a totally other discussion.

Fact is that with these new prototypes Carrera missed a perfect oppertunety to ditch the "lump" they use as a propulsion device. Its archaic, its heavy and it needs a totally ridiculous 18volts to run, specially on a home track. Cause dont forget, that's were the majority of the cars will run. Lots of people would love to see Carrera's run at a more common 12-14 volts, and its not like there are no motors available.
But then again, at least they are making them and even with its evident flaws....these cars will be a hit as soon as the reach the shops. Which will be around June 2007.

Last but not least...Carrera has also secured the right to do the new Peugeot 1/32nd, one can only hope that they paid a little extra for an "Exclusive" as well, even with the "lump".. can I have one please?

Confusing Carrera C6R... FIA GT Spa 24hrs it LMES??
No new GT's from Carrera, the long awaited MC12 in 1/24 was not meant to be. So we will have to do with new liveries of the existing cars.

In the real world the 575 might be running on its last legs, but I'm sure Carrera will dig up a few more piantjobs before the moulds run dry. And with C6R's a hot commodity for private teams around the globe there's plenty of Vette's to choose from.

But even that seems to be a problem for Carrera, look closely at the pictured cars and you can see that the boys of their promotion department sort off mixed up 2 liveries. Somehow the numbers and Kuismanen competition logo's of Blue and silver LMES #70 C6R ended up on the blue and yellow #34 car the team drove in the FIA GT Spa 24 hrs.
Ok so its just a bad photoshopped presentation picture, but may I suggest that to compensate for that little error..Carrera should release both cars ;)

Nevertheles the new Corvette from Carrera looks great. These RTR cars are getting better every year my guess is that with all these new liveries we don't have to paint the cars ourselfes anymore ...only grind them out and make them stronger in the places we want. Release date June 2007.

Tamiya Open Interface Tom's SC430
Following the introduction of the 1/10 R/C Expert Built Open Interface Tom's SC430....... the 1/24 scale model kit model. What can we say..finally a new playmate for the other Super GT cars. Toyota introduced the Lexus SC430 as the successor to the Supra for the 2006 Super GT. Driven by the duo of Juichi Wakisaka and Andre Lotterer, the team's best finish thus far was winning Round 1 at Suzuka Circuit. Consistent performances kept the team among the title contenders, and it all came down to the final race of the season, Round 9 Fuji. A 4th place finish was just enough for the team to squeeze past its rivals and claim the 2006 Super GT Championship by the slim margin of one point.

The kit offers the usual Tamiya goodies such as:
Pre-painted semi-gloss black die-cast underpanel for added weight and realism, metal transfers for mirror surfaces and manufacturer emblems for extra highlights. Clear window parts feature black masking stickers to recreate tinted effect.Nylon mesh included for the front air duct. Solid synthetic rubber tires.
Tune up # 12617 SC430 Photo-Etched Parts Set (sold separately) for even more detail.

Tamiya F40 Monte Shell
Tamiya has (re)released its F40 kit but now as the 1993 Ferrari F40 Competizione Monteshell (Item #TM24284). Piloted by Marco Brand, the Monte Shell-sponsored Jolly Club F40 won the opening round of the Italian GT series, eventually winning 8 out of 10 races to sweep the championship. The fact that each of Brand�s victories was also a Pole to Finish shows just how overpowering the F40 Competizione 1993;)

Body cowl and A parts (chassis) have been changed to white to depict the F40 Competizione and GT racing parts (wheels, disks, side mirrors, fire extinguishers, race computer) have been added to the kit. 2 kinds of brass nickel-plated muffler ends take detail to the next level. High quality Cartograf decals add perfect icing to the cake.
The F40 kit offers the usual Tamiya goodies such as: Photo-etched parts for extra realism (disk rotor, front/rear tow hooks, side/rearview mirrors, shift gate, intercooler surface, oil cooler surface, heat shield plate, rear mesh)

Various makes, announcements and roumours
Fujimi are to release the Ferrari 599 GTB which is nice..if Ferrari goes ahead with its GTS project ...... but for the BMW fans amongst us Fujimi will also (re)release the BMW M3 (E30) kit. Originally released in 1986 as a motorized kit, the chassis differs slightly from that of the real car to accommodate motorization, which for the re release has been omitted. Body is moulded in white with black interior parts, wheels steer after completion.

Dragon Another BMW Re-release is the BMW 318is Racing version from Dragon, not a company many think of for car kits. Very good detail accurate interior and exterior. The roll-bar is well done. Molded in white. Markings for car 8 driven by Harvey, 5 driven by Belim and 4 driven by Soper. The decals, printed Italy, are very thin and accurately registered. Racing rims with thin racing tires. Wheels turn and steer after completion.

Hasegawa are making Ferrari 328s and 348s in various forms, and, more important for the Sportscar fan according, to a well informed source will bring re releases of some of their Group C kits. These may not be new, but they will be well recieved by both the model as the slot community.
Tamiya According to the same source, Tamiya will expand their range of pre painted kits with some Group C's as well.
Studio 27 are producing some new decals for the JGTC fans.... the stunning G-Zox Nissan Z.

Technomodels has annouced further kit versions of their superb f575 kit; TIK 02A Ferrari 575 GTC EVO2, Le Mans 2005, JMB Racing #6 and TIK 02B Ferrari 575 GTC EVO2, Spa 2005, GPC #3. You might have to dig deep but it will be well worth it. No news yet as to the release date of their F430 GTR.

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