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Modelcar (slot)racing means building scale(d) models of 1/1 racecars and (after all those hours of carefull building something most people cherish in a showcase) going to the track and actually race them...hard.
As this website's theme is Sports Endurance racing from the Gr. C era till present, our aim was to build a database with references to all the Group C, GT, GTP and LMP's that have been modelled in 1/24 or 1/25 scale. As it turned out this was a gigantic task and even though we've put these pages that is far from finished.

And it probably never will be..finished as more cars and models are hit the tracks each month. But we've given it our best shot, for most of the Gr C's and GT1's if their's a model its now in the we hope you'll enjoy our Cars & Model pages for what they are.

A reference list to create1/24 Modelcars...
Main purpose of the Cars & Models pages is to serve as a reference list for the slotracer who wants to build an accurate, true to scale sportscar.
For each 1/1 sportscar that we've included in the database you will find references as to where and when it raced, which models are available and who makes them.
Comparing the dimensions of the 1/1 cars and their models listed in the database will show you their scale accuracy can also give you an idea of their potential performance. Besides the individial racer/modellist, these pages can also serve as a reference list for those who write the rules for the races the slotcars compete in. After all the database was initialy created to collect and display all relevent data for the rules of the former 1/24 Slotracing Le Mans Series.

You can acces the Cars & Models pages via this link

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