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  Remodeling a Tamtech Lancia Lc2
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For some reason I like white colored cars. So for the Gr C Lemans Legends I chose the Lancia Lc2 in Martini livery. Unfortunately I was not able to finish the car in time as you might have noticed!
On the web I have found some articles about the races in which it took part. Quite successful in practice and speed. Many pole positions but few wins. However it is a nice car in Martini livery and almost the only one which could compete with the "unbeatable" porsches in those day's.

The Tamtech (Tamiya RC car) body is made of some kind of plastic material, which is attached to the chasis with a bar and some clips at both sides of the body. In the roof there is a hole for the antenna. I started to close these holes.

A close look at the almost transparent body showed a different (almost straight) wheel arch from the 1:1 car. The wheel arch is very typical and characteristic for the total look. This must be done right. To get the curve of the wheel arch more inside, I decided to use polystyrene which can be formed a little, cut easy and sanded ideally. For stability I first glued some straight strokes from one side to the other, with superglue and filler.

After some extra reinforcements I cut back to where it should be.

We are getting somewhere.

In the Tamtech body are no headlights developed. So let's make them!

The places where the windows fit in the body where quite thick.

With a sharp knive I cutted the windowform to normal proportions. You should cover the parts witch you do not want to shape first, to avoid damage!

I painted the places on the body where the red color is needed and cut the red out of the decals. To get the decal in one piece on the wheel louvres is too difficult.
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