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After a demolishing experience at Alsdorf last race, I was not in the mood for a funeral of my latest springoff: the Ford Capri Zakspeed.

As the spectators at last Gr. 5 race at Alsdorf might have seen, our Capri was fast at qualifying. But she lost speed and handling for some reason at the race and crashed many times. The result was a broken frontspoiler and other crashmarks.

The easiest thing to do, is to forget the race, what happened, go on and make a new one or other new project. But that is not me. Yes, slotracing is a "mirror" of real life. I hate throw away behavior. So my baby deserves a second chance (or life).

At first the body needs to be renovated. With some superglue I put back the broken parts of the front spoiler ans reinforced it with carbon/gfk fibers and epoxy.

Klaus needs a roll cage to be more protected at race battles.

The inliner chasis and the Capri was not a good mariage for me. With the (long-can) C3 engine, there is not much room for a cock-pit and driver. Next Big Wheels I wil chose a car that has a back/middle situated engine in reality, to have more space for a nice cock-pit.
Back to side winder. What do I still have? A Schöler!

She did fine at the Amsterdam Noord track, with nice driving behavior and fast times.

Soulbrother Henri
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