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At races I have met several slotracers who showed their cars at nice homemade boards. Is it possible to make such a show board at low costs (for economic reasons )? I started to look for materials at my barn and found a MDF left over plate. In the "paint corner" a can of blackboard and undercoat paint was collected. Blackboard paint is just perfect because it is matt (not shiny) and a little rough. After measuring and drawing the starting grid lines for 6 cars, I made the wholes for the jetflags and painted first with undercoat followed by blackboard paint. For better looks the show board needs gird lines and a "concrete" wall and a strip of grass. For the grid lines I used the white undercoat (twice painted). The grass was painted with a mix of green and a little black Tamiya acrylic paint. I mixed the blackboard and white undercoat paint to a more or less grey color for the wall. But after that there was still something missing. The wall needs a fence. How do I construct that? From what materials? In summertime my windows are covered with mosquito cloth. Fortunately the leftover was grey. Ik still did not pay one cent for materials. After some thought I decided to buy spring steel rods in 2 mm and 0,5 mm. The 2 mm rod was used to make the "standing" part of the fence and the 0,5 mm for the horizontal "laying" part of the fence. For stability reasons I decided to cut in the uprights some slots in which the horizontal bars could hold. How to attach the bars to the up-rights? I looked in my kitchen around and found closures for plastic sandwich bags. Just perfect as you can see. Quit some work to be done, but fine result. What can I do to attach the mosquito net to the bars? I do have an other hobby: flyfishing. For this I make my bait, the flies myself. For tying reasons I have al lot of binding wire. Some will do. First attempt. Wait untill it is finished, did not spend any more money than 5 x €0,90. It would be nice if the drivers could turn their lights on. You can use the jetflag holes to get the wires and connector to the lightningsets of the cars. Soulbrother slotmad.
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