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Breaking news: after a long time of silence, Soul Brothers Acura has arrived in the last stadium of finishing the car! Whatch the pics now. See the huge progress that has been made by team captain Henri van Gool with support of Tamar Nelwan.

As said in former published articles, the Soul Brother team did not get the Acura finished in time to race the EEC round 1. One week was simply too short. Between EEC race 1 and 2 is about 2,5 months. That should be enough time. However, the team got into bad conditions. They went into a wintersleep and after awakening the teamcaptain got sick two times. The others were busy collecting budget (and sponsors: Marcel) and study competitors and research (wind tunnel: Emily).

At first I had to "unpaint" the car.

and make a new start.

First some small adjustments and definition of the lines.

Painting or keeping the paint of places where it should not be, is quit a challenge.

We want to race the version with the yellow wheel louvres.

This is the point that Tamar comes into the project. How do we get the colors at the right places? The yellow and blue bodyparts were no problem for me. But how do you get the black (not over the yellow and blue, otherwise all the work was for nothing).
The plan was to cover the yellow and blue parts accurate and airbrush the rest of the body black.

The thin yellow lines will be selfmade by using decalsheet. First white and then yellow followed by transparent paint.

As the yellow color of the "XM"decals was not accurate, I decided to make the important one (on the nose) myself. I cut out the needed forms of the XM logo with a knife and scissors. I am quit happy with the result.

First try out. Still some work to do to get the car running silently.

After the race in Oslo in which we did fine after all (5th!), I spent some time in making cock-pit details.

For reasons of costs and just fun, I used throw away materials like: black paper (from my kids), fishing line, foam strips, lightning wires ans some very small materials form car kits. That's all.
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