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  Old school Plafit exel with exhausts extension
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My old BMW M1 procar was still running without exhausts. The exhausts were situated at the original car, just beneath the rear bumper and outside the back of the car. When placed outside the body, the exhaust pipes will be easily smashed off in a race accident.

What to do to make it "idiot proof"?

I figuered out that a kick in the as can be better absorbed if the exausts pipes were fitted direct to the chasis. So not simlpy glued to the body.

The Exel chasis has at the back two holes with screw thread to attach something. I used a aluminuim angle profile and made some vertical cuts. The hight of the angle profile can be easily adjusted.

Now we have a solid plate at the right position to create exaust pipes attached to the chasis. An other advantage of exausts chasis attachment, is that no connector is necessary. The wires will be soldered directly from the flaming pipes electronic parts to the motor.

How to attach the pipes and electronic parts?

Just carbon to fit the pipes, rubber for crash absorbation and double sided adhesive tape for positioning try outs.

Next steps: solder the electronic parts, make some space in the rubber for the leds, glue the leds to the carbon "holder" and glue the flaming pipe electronic parts behind the motor to the chasis.

And the result is:

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