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  Bentley Continental GT3 1:32, Build report part 3
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With Scalextric releasing the Green #85 car (and to be honest doing a great job, very nice car) the plans for my Big green brute all of a sudden became soooo 2015;) Still doing the Ring 24 version but now the 2016 edition (running as we speak)

Same light set up, stunning livery as well, and as those watching the race right now will know..nice ideas for race "weathering". The car now being prepared for its debut in the new DiSCA digital GT3 Open event in Manchester July 31st.

Aaaargh, visual overload, too many options, can't choose,
the #38 Bentley currently in 7th place also looks nice...and I've got plenty of yellow left from the C6R projects

Better start with getting some white primer on the TA71 body first.... still plenty of time.

Just updated my reference image database, going for the 2016 "upgrade" will mean some small extra detail work on the Bentley

New for 2016 is the small vent/grille shaped like the B on the front fenders as seen here

A style cue taken from the GT road car

As for the ring cars, the louvres on top of the fenders have reappeared. New are the more rearward position of the side exhausts.
Oh and the extra lights bars under the grill are now symmetrical...Nothing too complicated wink.gif

I think they're both stunning, like the 2016 M-sport livery too, but it is very "Bentley", what I like about the #37 E-Post livery is the way how it breaks up the car. Normally I dislike those liveries because they ruin the lines of the body, but for the Conti it sort of works in reducing the "bulky" rear of the car

As for the louvres. That's more of a tedious, patience requiring job than a nasty one.
There are several options to do this.
1: The easiest way would be to do them as a decal, did the same for the Henley TA71 car, Scalex used the same method for the 2015 #85 NR24 car and it looks good.
(and it helps that they're black on the 2016 cars)

2: Evergreen makes plastic sheets and profiles (mainly for HO train modeling) and the have sheets to make tiled roofs. I've used these before to make louvres (Z4 1/24).

3: Scratchbuild, you just need to analyse how to build up the shape in the best way.
Here I would take small strips of 0,5mm bend them to follow the fender cross section and starting from back to front glue them at a slight angle with the next one overlapping the one behind.

4 Take some "Oyumaru" and draw mold of the fender, make a resin cast and cut the louvres in them.
Make a new mould of the louvres and cast a very thin resin copy, glue those on top of the body fenders. ( a method I used here).

with kind regards
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