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  Plafit releases upgrade of Bison MKIII
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Plafit's last addition to its Motor range has finally hit the shops: The Bison MKIV, specially develloped for competition. Preliminary tests showed that the MKIV is not faster on top speed than the MKIII but runs smoother with better torque and brake.
Plafit specialist Mr Petry explains.

Bison MKIV: part of "the Plafit filosophy"
Plafit Bison MK IV ref nr PF-0104

Although most of the Plafit products are used on home tracks, its competition use is very important to the Plafit filosophy. It is there that the products are tested under the most heaviest conditions. This motivates Plafit to keep improving their product.
The Bison MKIII was intended for the European market as an improvement over the old Bühler engines, and although it has performed very well for more than 4 years we thought it was time for an upgrade.

MK IV: Not faster just better
From a commercial point it was not possible to ask Ikarachi to come up with a completly new design, which is why the MKIV uses the same can and
armature as the MKIII. The same goes for the most obvious improvement: ball bearings, these would make the new motor too expensive. So we looked at little things that would improve its use for competition. Biggest gains were made by improving production tolerances and better balancing of the components. Last but not least the MKIV is about 5gr lighter than the MKIII (actualy 4,63 gr. red) thanks to the new material used for the magnets. We did not intend to make the MKIV faster than the old Bison, just better!

MK IV: broader range
With its reduced weight, better torque and brake, the MKIV can handle higher gear ratios as has an improved voltage range (10 to 20 volt compared to 12-20 for the MKIII) which means it can run on the same tracks and voltage as lighter Fox Engine.
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