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The majority of the chassis used in the LMS Series are made by Plafit. This Japanese company builds several types of 1/32 and 1/24 chassis. In the LMS both the Plafit 124 "inliner" and the Excel "anglewinder" type chassis are allowed. Most teams however will opt for the Excel Chassis, as it offers the widest range in adjustability and gear ratios.

The Exel Chassis
Plafit produces a wide range of tune up parts to meet "almost" all the slotracers wishes in terms of set-up and specification. Their " Meccano" style assembly makes them fully adjustable to fit all types of Model car bodies. In 2001 Plafit introduced the "Pro series" chassis. These were updated versions of the 124 and Excel design in a more durable and hardned steel material. For the Endurance races this has become the preferred choice of most of the LMS teams. Besides Plafit parts for the base chassis, the LMS uses also some non Plafit parts that have to be bought separately. As Parts list and numbers can be confusing we made this illustration with the most commonly used parts in the LMS Championship.

Non Plafit parts are the thicker (green) Scaleauto Spur Gears.
These range from a 40 to 50 tooth and include also odd numbers (41,43 etc.), giving the teams a wider variety of gear ratios to chooses from

The pictured Rear Rims are from SSH. These are used in the Endurance races were they are supplied by the organization as handout wheels.The turned Aluminum rims measure 21x 15 mm and need inserts of 20mm.
They can be ordered at MSD under part No: 502021.

MSD also has 3 insert that will fit these rims
BBS Y spoke (Porsche) #57200
OZ 20 spoke (AudiR8) #57201
OZ 8 spoke (Toyota GT one, BMW V12LMR) #57202

The Sigma rear axle spacer part no SG 8220 comes in handy as it holds the axle in place during fast wheel changes.

Pro Handling Kit
In races run with sponge tyres the weight balance of the car generaly has to move forward.
For this you can best use the Plafit Pro Handling kit. The ballast plate is bolted under the Front Chassis plate. On top of this plate you can either fit the small plates or glue lead.

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