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Here are the Technical Rules that will apply during the 1/24 GT International 12hrs Endurance on Feb. 3, at the BADET Raceway, Oslo, Norway. With so many "internationals" starting in the Norwegian event, a new english version has been drafted based on the same specs as the rules already publiced on the Norwegian forum. To make sure that all teams will have exactly the same set of rules the english text is now translated back in to Norwegian.

Art. 1.0 Slot Car, Dimensions & Weights
1.1 Ready To Run (RtR) Cars - Allowed are all Slot Cars comprising a commercially available 1/24 Production Model Car Chassis' and either a 1/24 or 1/25 Scale body of a 1/1 Scale GT car as raced in, JGTC, ALMS, FIA-GT, and Le Mans (period 1995 - 2006), and compliant with the following Technical rules. .
1.2 Minimum Weight - RtR car 200 gr., Body including body mounts 65 gr.
1.3 Width /Spur – RtR car max. 85mm, Front Axle max. 82mm, Rear Axle max. 83mm.
1.4 Height - RtR car min 44 mm, (measured over the roof, air intake etc. not included).
1.5 Ground Clearance: Chassis (art 2.1,2,3): Minimum 1.0 mm Body: Minimum 1 mm
1.5.1 - Before the start of an endurance: RtR car 1,2 mm, measured from 20mm in front of the rear axle until the physical end off the chassis.
1.6 Measurements - For height and ground clearance, measurements must be done on a flat surface (Tec block) with the RTR car resting on 4 wheels. Spur will be measured at the widest point.

Art. 2.0 Chassis: Chassis, Motor & Gearing
2.1 Make & Type - Choice of Chassis and chassis parts manufacturer is free. Mixing of chassis parts from the same manufacturers is free. Chassis' must be angle/sidewinder type.
2.2. Construction - Assembly of the Chassis must be done via bolts and/or glue using the original holes provided in the Chassis & Parts. Positioning of the Parts is free. Soldering is allowed for mounting Lead-Wires and pinion only. Choice of materials, which are free, are: Assembly materials (nuts, bolts, spacers, springs, washers etc.), Ballast weights, Guide, Guide-nut, Braids and Lead wires. The use of magnets other than in 2.3 is forbidden.
2.3 Motor - Proslot Euro MK1. One sealed motor will be Handout for the race. If this motor fails to operate at an acceptable rate, a second marked motor can be purchased at cost price.
2.4 Gears - All commercially available M50 pinion and crown/spur gears for ø3mm axles are allowed. Fixed gear ratio (9x44). 1 brass (press on) Motor pinion 9t will be Handout for the race.
2.5 Modifications - Guide holder may be modified. Electrical Components for lights may be added to the chassis.

Art. 3.0 Axles: Wheels, Rims & Tyres
3.1 Axles - Only steel ø3mm blank axles are allowed. Axle bearing is free of choice.
3.2 Rims - Must be aluminium min. ø 20,5mm. Rims must have 3d inserts, with the exception of Sakatsu designer wheels. Free spinning front rims are allowed
3.3 Front Wheels - Min. ø 25mm, min. 5mm of the tyre width must have contact with the track surface. Tyre compound is free of choice. Front tyres can be coated to reduce roll resistance.
3.4 Rear Wheels - Scaleauto Procomp 3, ø 27,5 x 13mm inside ø 20mm. 2 sets will be hand out for the race. No work on the rear tyres is allowed. Min. ø 26mm during and after the race.

Art. 4.0 Body: Detail parts, Lights
4.1 Scale & Exterior Detail - Bodies must be within 1/24 to 1/25 scale proportions of the 1/1 car and, if present, must have the following external detail parts: Front rear & side windows, Front Splitter, Rear Wing, Exhaust pipes, minimum 1 Side mirror and 1 Windscreen Wiper. Livery of the car is free of choice
4.1.2 Interior Detail - The body must have a 3d (painted) dashboard with steering wheel, driver and helmet. In top view the interior should cover all technical parts of the chassis.
4.1.3 Lights - Must be located at their original scale position and working at the start of the night section. Front lights: minimum two lights, yellow/white colour, bright beam. Rear lights: minimum two lights, red colour, diffuse light.
4.2 Construction – In top view a body must cover all parts of the chassis and the tread of the tyres. Allowed Body materials are hard plastics, resin, Carbon/GFK laminations. Lexan is allowed only for interior, detail and clear parts.
4.3 Modifications -Body modifications to comply with Art 4.1 are allowed. Body mounts/holders may be cut/shaped to fit the body. Adding ballast and/or removing weight inside the body to comply with Art 1.2 is allowed.

Art. 5.0 Repairs
All repairs, unless specifically allowed by Race Control, must be done during normal race time.
5.1 Lost Parts - The following parts must be re-mounted in their correct position should they become separated from the car: Wheels, Insert(s), Rear Wing, Front and Rear windows, Lane sticker.
5.2. Ground Clearance - Any part of the Chassis (art 2.0-2.3) and or Body (art 4) that is in contact with the track for a complete lap must be repaired.
5.3 Lights - If all front and/or rear lights fail, an emergency light must be mounted. (available at the Race control).

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