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Last LMS season toughts have been raised saying that for a beginning slotracer it is difficult to begin somewhere because of the high level and demanding races. For this reason a new class is created; the Group C. The purpose is to simplify a slotcar and make it more accessible for rookies. In this way the Group C can function as a stepping stone to the endurance races. [url=]Homologation list group C[/url]

[size=5]Something old, something new[/size]

Technical Control will be very strict on checking body’s on dremeling, sanding etc. Also the parts mentioned in the rules will be thoroughly checked. Lowering the body by raising the wheelarches or cutting of the sides is strictly forbidden.

The idea behind the Group C is to create fun and exciting races without demanding a lot of time or experience from the participants.

[i]LMS organization [/i]

[b]Le Mans Series Technical rules Group C 1/24[/b]

Art. 1
1.1. Slotcars:
Slotcars must be 1/24 scale replicas of Group C cars. Chassis must be a standard-line production Plafit.
Bodies must be hard plastic Bodies. Allowed Body’s are listed in the Homologation List.
Liveries and models HAVE to match there 1:1 equivalent! (ie: Fantasy cars NOT ALLOWED!)

1.2. Weights & Dimensions:
Weight of a RTR (Ready To Run) car: min [color=Blue]215 gr[/color]. Body min [color=Blue]60 gr[/color].
Maximum Spur Width is [color=Blue]82.0 mm[/color].

1.3. Ground clearance:
Before, during and after the race: Chassis: minimum [color=Blue]1.0 mm[/color] Body: minimum [color=Blue]1 mm[/color]. Measured will be all Body and Chassis Parts.

Art. 2
2.1. Chassis
Any production line Plafit chassis is allowed. A Chassis needs to have all standard parts. Allowed Tune-Up Parts are: Guide, Guidetongue, Braids, Engine-Wires, make and brand free. Only one Pro Handling Kit is allowed. A Chassis needs to maintain it’s original shapes and therefore it is not allowed to modify the Chassis in any way by cutting, sanding, drilling etc. Only shimm’s and spacers available from Plafit are allowed. Soldering is only allowed for the Engine-Wires and Messing Pigons.
All Parts must be assembled using bolts, and / or glue. Assembly must respect the original holes and shape of the Chassis.
Positioning of the Parts is free.
Correction Weight (lead) may only be bolted and / or glued on top of the Chassis.

2.1.1. Chassis Modifications:
The following modifications may be carried out under the condition that the Chassis maintains it’s original functions:
Axles Holders may be cut to fit the Body and Engine.

2.2. Engine:
[color=Blue]Bison MK3.[/color]
The allowed engine is the Bison MK3. Cleaning and oiling the Engine is allowed. There will be no Engine-Handout.

2.3. Gears:
Pignon: specification and brand free. Spurgear: specification and brand free.

2.4. Gearing:
The Gearing is fixed on [color=Blue]12 / 42.[/color] and [color=Blue]10 / 36.[/color] for an Inliner.

2.5. Axles:
Axles must be Ø [color=Blue]3 mm[/color] steel. Hollow axles are forbidden. Differentials are not allowed. Type and make of bearings is free.

2.6 Front Wheels:
Rim: make, brand and specification free.
Rubber, type and brand are free, with the exception of silicon tires. Front Tires may be coated.
Tire Diameter: Minimum Ø [color=Blue]24.0 mm.[/color] The maximum difference between the inner –and outer diameter of the Tire is [color=Red]3.0 mm.[/color] The minimum Tire diameter applies on the biggest measured diameter.
Tire Width: Minimum [color=Blue]8.0 mm[/color]
Freewheeling Front Wheels are not allowed. Front wheels must have 3-dimensional inserts.

2.7. Rear Wheels:
Rim: make, brand and specification free.
Diameter: Minimum Ø [color=Blue]27.0 mm.[/color] Maximum Ø [color=Blue]27.5 mm.[/color]
Width: Minimum [color=Blue]12.0 mm.[/color]
Tires: Black Sponge Rubber. Type and brand are free. Only Grip Additives and Cleaning Liquids provided by the organisation are allowed. Tires must be dry on the track.
Rear Wheels must have 3-dimensional inserts.

Art. 3
3.1. Complete Body:
Scale Body and Bodymounts. Choice of Group C Body is free. Only standard Body’s from the kits are allowed. It is forbidden to change the physical appearance, lighten, widen, lower or modify the body in any way. It is forbidden to modify the wheelhouses in any way. It is not allowed to replace parts of the kit for self-made parts. Only standard Bodymount from the Chassis are allowed. In Top-View Parts and the Complete Chassis may not extend from under the Body.
Remark 1:
If necessary a Gearhousing may be made.

Remark 2:
The closed wheelhousings of the Jaguar and Nissan may be opened.

Remark 3:
[color=Red]It is allowed to transform the Porsche 962 into a short-tail.[/color]

3.2. Scale Body:
Only Body’s listed in the Homologation List are allowed. At the start of the race all Scale Body’s must be equipped with; min. 1 windscreen wiper, 1 mirror, headlight housings, headlights lenses and fuel nozzles if found on 1/24 scale car.
addition: All type's of Porsche's must have a diffuser of minimal 1cm in lenght.

3.2.1. Correction Weight:
If a Body is under weight more parts from the kit have to be put in the Body in the original place. It is forbidden to correct the weight of the Body with Correction Weight (ie: lead).

3.2.2. Rear Wing:
Spoiler has to be the original one from the kit. Spoiler fixtures are free as long as they are placed in the same position as on the original 1/24 scale car.
Remark 1:
It is allowed to attach the spoiler fixtures to the chassis. They have to be placed in the same position as on the original 1/24 scale car.

Remark 2:
It is allowed to use sponge/gummi as spoiler fixtures, but these may not be wider than [color=blue]4 mm.[/color] They have to be placed in the same position as on the original 1/24 scale car.

3.3. Splitter:
When found on 1/24 schale model a body must have a splitter. Material of splitter is free.

3.4 Cockpit interior:
The original dashboard from the kit has to be used and may not be modified or lightened in any way. Lexan driver is allowed with hard plastic/resin helmet.

3.5 Bodymounts:
Only Bodymounts found in the original Chassis-box are allowed.

It is allowed to modify the shape of the Bodymount to fit the Body.

3.6 Reinforcing:
[color=Red]Reinforcing is only allowed with adding material.[/color]

3.7 Lights:
Lights are optional. Light emitting elements (ø [color=blue]3 mm[/color] max) must be mounted in the body in their original positions. This applies to: front, rear/brake, top lights and exhausts. All other circuitry, with exeption of wires, resistors and connector, must be placed on the chassis (see art 2).

[b]Any modification, exchange of Parts and / or adding of Tune-Up Parts not specifically mentioned, pointed out to, or referred to, is forbidden.[/b]
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