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Race report: First 2 hours!
The Oslo 12 hrs has started at exactly noon and the first problems already came to surface! Badet raceway qualified first, shortly followed by the Vandaas Old stars and then Racing For Holland. All within 1/10th of a second. we all know....when the flag drops ...etc....
On the wooden six laner with nine teams, Badet, Vandaas and RFH choose for the sitout first. 1, 2, 3 stints respectively.

The first victim of the 12 hrs endurance is already there!
The body of White Mosue racing came off costing the team a mere 60 laps before they could continue. Also the "experienced" RFH boys got there part of bad luck as well. The splitter had been glued the night before but proved not to be able to resist a sudden impact crash costing the Dutchies at least 40 laps.
Fastest laptimes are between 5.90 and 6.00 on this wooden short-track. With griplevels slowly increasing I would expect 5.80 is possible during the famous night stints ahead of us.
That's it for now....keep you posted in about 2 hours time.

Race reporting from Bussum (Holland)
Note: Apparently they have some connection problems in the north but I expect this to be resolved quit soon:)

Oslo 16:00hrs
We finally managed to get online via the laptop of the Norwegian forum Webmaster (thx Rolf). The previous report had been updated by phone to holland. Don't you love those communication tools.....

The first run of the Oslo Grand Prix has been done with Badet's first team comfortably in the lead. Not bad for a group that only started racing a year ago. Their Honda Nsx is fast and reliable, just a bit "jumpy" in the hairpins, but in the hand of its lead driver Burger, a car capable of running in the low 5.90's. Second place Jostein (Vandaas Old Stars) is not happy being second becaus the only team they wanted to beat is Badet and they are ahead, no Jostein is just joking, they know that they are on a different level. It might be the Norwegians first event but there's already a healthy competitive spirit growing.

Being a first has its advantages, track owner Glenn Wenneberg was proud to have 2 newspapers (one local and one national) reporting on its event but hie was really glowing when the National TV made its entrance. Apperently the event will be an item on the Norwegian Sunday night Sportsprogram........and gues who had to give an uinterview......

I dont know why they chose to interview a "retired" teamcaptain of a currently third placed team, but hey Ma I'm going to be on Norwegian national TV tomorrow :)

Anyhow, Racing for Holland is in third pos, our car needs a bit more grip so we hope that the car will "come to us" when the race progresses. We are able to match the lap times of the Badet team...unless Burger is flying. Had a bit of a mishap when we crashed head on into a pile of cars. With 3 hairpins the track is a bit accident prone, but it is a real pleasure to drive. Did cost us some 40 laps to reglue the front splitter, only to see it come of at the next now we'rre running without.

4th is for the Madrilenes "Rural SLot" which is amazing considering they had hardly any practice time (arriving very late on Friday Night) Their MRW Aston DBR 9 is definately one of the nicest cars on the track and they are slowly picking up the pace. Team Captain Alvaro is "appy" with the car and reported "no Problemo's", the team is having great fun in trying the local cuisine (Pizza "Plafit", Pizza MRE and Pizza Sholer)

5th is for the Trondheim team, running a Vandaas build Corvette C6. The guys are in their first 1/24 race and on a very fast learning curve. Rune Yterdal thought is was very "Funny" their only problem is the they never did this before and had some accidents due to " other idiots" on te track, as I said... they are on a fast learning curve...and learning fast!.

6th is for the Swedish team. Team Captain Cristet brought a Porsche 911 GT2 and a Carrera F575, but they are now running a Corvette C5? have not been able to get hold off him, but will try to get more info.

7th place is for the second Badet team, and they are also the first non finisher, having walke out after a dispute over the rules?
Something to do about the lights that had to be on at the start of the Night section.

8th is for the Danish White Mouse Maserati. Team Captain Henrik Hasager had the unusual pleasure of seein g his car and body going seperate ways. It cost the team a 100 laps to reconcilliate the two, but it seems like the car has not suffered to much. 2H now says he's concentrating on scoring as many fastest lap records as possible..he currently has the record for lane green (5) with a 6.93.
They will probably climb a bit as the race continiues...well they just did as Badet 2 packed their stuff and left. So now the Danes inherit 7th.

8th And this also promotes Damstredet racing to 8th position. They are also debutants in 1/24 racing, but theirs has been a bit more troubled by mechanical woes. Which started right at Qualification, or actually lack off it. As the car revved for the first time to start its flying lap, the only thing flying were the meachanics. Apperently the motor had been tightened too strong and as a result they had ripped the trhead out of the can. So with no drive, they headed back into the pits for repairs and started form the pitlane. According to Alf the car is running fine now. They are looking forward to their first night race.

And so will I as I am about to start my stint....
Signing of for now...hope to be back online in a coupple of hours.
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