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Sunday morning I left wife and kids for my first M1 race at the beautiful Hotslot track in Amsterdam Noord. Almost every one who intended to race, was there. The initiator mr. Zaal had prepared the track (and bar) outstanding. The pit was organized by the only engineer and car builder Mr. Nick. This time I had not to prepare my own car, which felt a little uncomfortable. Some people know why. At home I only had to prepare my controller. No more stuff of gear was needed. Nothing! Even the car was already at the club. I left it there because by the rules you were not allowed to do any preparation by yourself. So I went to Mr. Nick and got the complete car handed out to practise.

The concept of the M1 series, is to race with cars that are as equal as possible. This is a good objective, but will it work? Yes, it worked fine! Even for me as a person who likes te have a screwdriver in his hands, trying to prepare "the best car".

The whole day was nice and "smooth". In dutch 'gezellig'. Every one had a good race. The battles were fair. The drivers were excited after the close races: talked about breaking points, overtakingmoves, crashes and lucks, shook hands and had fun at the bar. To give you an impression of the club and the track, I have taken a small film of the BMW M1 training and two GT 1 cars.

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