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Les 9 Heures de Le (eu) warden has proven itself time and again as a tough and exciting race. And exciting it was. With 2 Italian matadors and an American dream entered it looked like the big GTS’s were taking on the lean and mean LMP’s. With local heroes of the Weam Team at the wheel of their Enzo, the Danes steering their heavyweight 550 Maranello around and the silently slitting Viper the goal was obvious; giving the LMP’s of Matchbox, DVR, Smokey and Virage a hard time. And with training times of well below the 6.0 sec barrier this goal seemed within reach.

Because of the short and bumpy track this is a race which can be won in two ways; the normal way, fast LMP run, or with a very steady run with a exceptional car. Weam Team, RFH and the Vikings chose the second option. Seeing 3 big GTS's was a nice surprise between the relatively known Audi's, BMW's and Toyota's. The charactaristics of the circuit also allowed fast times for the "real" cars, as they were pounding through the short and sweepy corners. Qualifiying saw 2 of the 3 in the fastest 5 which brought the hopes for victory one step closer.

The rest of the entrants were a mix of trusted long-life cars. The Matchbox team took livery of the old RFH Toyota and DVR racing pulled out one of its BMW's. Smokey had been cooking up, yet another, Audi R8. Newcomer was the nicely detailed Lola runned by team Virage.

Nick de Wachter,Rookie webeditor SSP/ 1-24 Le Mans Series
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