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  2nd edition of the Big Wheels @ Spa a big succes
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Last weekend's "Big Wheels @ Spa" saw a major turn out of 18 teams racing their wide bodied, big winged and big wheeled 1/24 modelcars at the beautiful Spa Francorchamps track in the Titanic Bowling center in Alsdorf. They'd all came back with their Capri's, Porsche 935's and BMW 320 turbo's. For the second edition the grid from 12 cars (2007) to 18 cars in 2008. A clear indication that Gr5 and their brothers in arms from across the pond (IMSA GT/GTU/GTX) are still very popular, even when raced with an inliner chassis.

As an heritage of thier 2007 victory, Slot Fabrik Racing Team was responsible for the organisation of this year's event. They soon learnt that building beautiful and fast cars is one thing, but to runa car and an event is a much bigger task then they ever thought possible.
But as true champions they rose to the challenge of organising the 2008 Big Wheels with much verve and enthousiasm, and even thought they may not have had every thing "im griff", they still managed to make the event a succefull one, with nice cars, good racing and an even better atmosphere. Billing themselves as the duo Black & White, good old Gert made good of use all his experience to keep the technical department under control and Fola showed (if mostly to himself) with his usual flair that he can capture the attention of a crowd en can lead them through an event. Job well done.

United colors of....
The event showed again what great variety off cars were raced under the "silhouette rules". The liberty of which created Icons like the Zakspeed Capri and the whale-like Moby Dick, even in scale 1/24 they are impressive and some of the model cars captured them right down to the most minute detail.
Again the majority of the grid was filled with Capri's and 935's, but where last year BMW had attracted a strong following with three 320 turbo's and two M1 this time GMS "Fruit of the Loom" 320 was the only representative of the Munich Legend. New to the Big Wheels were the Gr5 Celica and 3 IMSA cars. A sole Camaro bravely defended the Detroit colors and two F365 GT4 BB waved the tri colori instead of the more appropriate Lancia Beta Montecarlo. By sheer numbers the Ford's and Porsche should have dominated the event, but in the end it was the pair of "not so big wheeled" Ferrari's that stole the show.

In the next couple of days we hope that all the teams will send us their race reports and links to their picture galleries, because there must be a million stories to be told after yet another great event in Alsdorf.

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