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  1:24 Davic Charleroi race report
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Racing For Holland and Soulbros inc. entered the first Davic system race at Charleroi race center. Davic is a digital system which makes it possible to race with 15 cars at a 6 lane track. With 4 lane change possibilties and driving the car in the same lane as some others is a complete new racing format.

Before entering the Davic track you need to built in a small electronic divice; some thing that communicates with the system. It makes detection of your car possible so you can independent run your car and control the lane switches.

Can you imagine racing with 15 cars. We were on drivers position 15!

In the race you have to know how the lane switches work and how to get to a target lane. It took me some time to get used to that. A special thing is marshalling. It is as simple as it is! The cars have no lane stickers. So you do not have to think about what lane the deslotted car was running. In every corner there is an extra "inlane" to put the deslotted car back on the track.

Pictures say more than words. Double click to put it on HQ for the best view!

The Davic system brings a new dimension of racing; lane racing tactics! In practise you try to drive to a fast lane, but some others will do or try that also, ha, ha. In "traffic" you will lose some time and it is a challenge to find the fastest way in the field.

It was an astonishing experience to be continued. I can not wait to race it again!

Soul Bros inc.

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