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  LMS FINALS: Friday
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The last days before a big slotrace event are always hectic. The past weeks everybody has been preparing for the LMS finals and most teams spent the
day packing and traveling to the venue. For some the Titanic Bowling is just quick stroll away, others will have made 1000km and more to get to the

By 19:00 hrs the first teams start arriving at the track


As you arrive at the Titanic Bowling your first impression is how huge this facility really is. You leave your car in the 120 car parkinggarage and go
up the stairs. , pass the ground floor with its 30 bowling lanes, mini midget golfcourse and 30 pool tables. As you walk up the rolling stairs to the
first floor you immidiately see the Track but also 10 more pool tables and as you turn around a big bar, a restaurant and another 20 bowling lanes.
No wonder they called it Titanic.

First thing on the to do list is to install all neccesary facilities for the big event, luckily the people from the Titanic bowling are ready and
waiting to help and show us where to find what ever we need in this huge facility.

Workbenches and seats for the teams, Blacklights for the night sections, extention cords, internet acces. What ever we ask for these people go to
great lenght to provide it.


Many hands make light work, within the hour all the tables and chairs are in their proper place, the race computer has been inspected and all systems
have been checked. With the place now ready for the race tomorrow the teams start unpacking their stuff.

Time for some laps on the most daunting modelcar track in the world.


Actually... there was no practice planned on the friday night, but with all preparation work done, what else could the racers do...but test the track.
By 22:00 hrs most teams have started their first training laps. The track is still a bit green as its been a while since there where so many cars
driving on Spa/ Franchorchamps, but it has not lost any of its former charm.

For those who have raced here before it takes but a few laps to get that big grin on their faces, for those who experiance the "model" Spa for the
first time it takes a bit longer. Its hard to grin with your mouth open as they try to take in the sheer size of the track. And then as they start
driving the immidiately notic that it takes all their concentration to get a good flow through the never ending twist and turns and long flat out
straights. And yes the run from La Source up Eau Rouge to the Les Combes chicanes is just as daunting in Alsdorf as in the Ardennes.


After some serious re familiarisation runs most teams switch their attention to their cars, you know just getting those last tiny little details
fixed. For White Mouse racing this meant starting to put some decals on their Masserati, addding the lights, windows and the interior...whoops, looks
like this Dane will be burning some midnight oil.

2 hours after midnight the Titanic Bowling closes and the Danes continue working in the Hotel.
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