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  Danish Nats 2007: Can the H�fler's do it again?!
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So, again we are nearing the Danish Nationals which will be run on februar 17th. And 18th. Of February 2007 at �Tr�slasten� in H�rning, Jutland! The race, which will once again go for FIA GT type cars, with the exact same rules as in 2006 to keep a stable set of rules, looks to be just as open and interesting as the race in 2006. This years race will go to Jutland and the only REAL Blue King track in the Kingdom of Denmark.

If last years race was a bit of a demolitions derby, 2007 might end up being even more so, as the track is super, ultra fast! The track is located in the middle of Jutland only some five kilometres from the City of Herning. The track has just moved location, but is a very fast Blue King track with banked turns and a high grip surface.
A preview by Paal Hanson

Danish Nats; a who�s who in Danish model car racing.
The 2007 entry list looks like a who�s who of Danish model car racing, with some 12-15 racers from Sealand and another 10-15 from Jutland.
There also seems to be an even bigger spread in the chassis used this for year. PlaFit is, as usual, is preferred by most, but Slotvision, Sch�ler, Metris and M-Racing will be up there as well. Last year the race was all about the fight between Keld H�fler and his son Christian. They had been absolutely electrifying during testing at Martin Borchs flat Blue King, but no one had anticipated that the rest of us would be fighting for the minor positions. Of course the pressure got to both Keld and Christian in the finals, and they where pushed, but once they got into a good rhythm no one stood a chance of beating them. In the end Christian won! And a very worthy champion he surely was!

So who are the Favourites.
The big question this year is: Can he do it again?? He surely is among the favorites, but to be honest there will be a handful of top slotters from Jutland, that did not part take last year, and among them are Karsten O. Frederiksen, a guy who has won just about everything worth talking about in 1/32 scale over the past 5-6 years.
Then there is Martin Borch, who did not participate last year, he is without doubt one of the fastest racers in Denmark. Will he be there this year?? He still has to confirm his participation! We have Ole Andersen who made it thru to third place last year, and who just might have something to prove in 2007!
So Christian is under pressure! Right now I have to say that my money is on either Ole or Karsten, with a small advantage in favour of Karsten. However if Martin decides to do the race, he must be up there also!

But what about the rest? Yeah what about them?? OK, there are several good racers, but at this point in time I do not see any of the others spending the time and the effort to really make a big difference. Sure Keld H�fler, Henrik Hasager, Gorm N�regaard, Rene Schr�der, J�rgen Rigtrup and Per Steen Nielsen should be up there.

The same should some of the Esbjerg guys, they made a real splash last year, but did not quite go to the finals. And there are some serious outsiders in Jan Juul and Henning Smed as they are old hands at slot racing, but will they be able to make it in Model Car Racing. Keld and Gorm a very busy at the moment with their new slot center, RaceFun, have they spent enough time preparing??

So, for me there are some 10 or 12 guys that might be able to make it into the finals. And that will be a hard fight. You need a fast reliable car, that is also durable, just thinking of the crashes on a Blue King makes me shiver!!

On the other hand the Blue King track is relatively easy to drive, with all the banked turns and all. So the guy with the best setup and the most durable and reliable car might just come out on top. But there are some serious driver talents at this race, and there are some who has developed a lot since last year. Among them are Hroar Olsen, who might just spring a surprise. The same I�m sure go�s for Jakob Andersen who has been doing some international races with good results in the past year. And there are people that I have not even seen race before that might steam roll everyone!
So again the Danish Nationals seem to be quite open!
Vikings Scaleracing Clubs 2006 Danish Nationals entrys

Below you will find the entry list as it looks on january 1st. 2007.:

11. Christian H�fler, HMC, Ferrari 575, Plafit Excel � Danish Champ 2006
12. Keld H�fler, HMC, Ferrari 575, Plafit Excel
13. Ole Andersen, Esbjerg, TBA, TBA
16. Gorm N�rgaard, PMR, Ferrari 575, Plafit Excel
18. Per Steen Nielsen, Gimle, TBA, TBA
23. Michael Klarskov, HMC, TBA, TBA
24. J�rgen Rigtrup, HMC, TBA, TBA
25. Rene Schr�der, KMRC,
26. Jakob Andersen, Esbjerg, TBA, TBA
27. Henrik Hasager, VSC, Ferrari 360 Modena, Sch�ler Tigre G
28. Michael Huniche, VSC, Nissan R34 GT-R, M-Racing C1
35. Peter Christiansen, VSC, Ferrari 575 GT1, M-Racing C1
39. Hroar Olsen, HMC, TBA, TBA
40. Michael Sivertsen, TUS,TBA,TBA
51. John McLarsen, TUS,TBA,TBA
52. Mads S�rensen, TUS,TBA,TBA
100. Karsten O. Frederiksen, NNSR, TBA, TBA
101. Jan Vegenfeldt, Porsche 911 GT1, Plafit Excel
102. Henning Smed, NNSR, Corvette C5R, MoMo
103. Mogens Hejlesen, Randers, TBA, Momo
104. Bjarne J�rgensen, Randers, Avex Dome Mugen NSX, Slotvision
105. Peter Rasmussen, KMRC, Honda NSX, Plafit
106. Ren� Foss, KMRC, TBA, TBA
107. Leif Christensen NNSR, Corvette C5R, TBA
108. Kim Haapanen, Gimle, TBA, TBA
109. Jan Juul, NNSR, TBA, TBA
110. Lennart S�rensen SMRK/Jaguar XJ220/Slotvision

Paal Hanson

Vikings Scaleracing Club, Denmark
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