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  Doing a Double Spa with FIA GT's!!!!!
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Every racer dreams of taking Eau Rouge flat out, it's what draws them from all over the world to Spa Francorchamps. In an era of Mickey Mouse tracks, the Belgium circuit is rapidly becoming a Dinosaur.
Its big, its daunting, its a real challenge to conquer, if not the ultimate challenge.
A Modellcar racer however dreams not of going to the Ardennes..for their Dinosaur lurks in a small German town called Alsdorf.
Within the 50 meters of routed track you'll find the same swerves and challenges as on its Belgian Big Brother.....and in the last week of can do them both!!!!

Last summer the Bailey Boys headed for Spa to see the Proximus 24hrs, the event also doubled as Gabe's and Tamar's Birthday party (30th and 28th July).
Its always refreshing to see the cars in real live, sitting on the embankment above Pouhon, we pondered on how amazing it was that actually so many slotracers have never seen the cars they drive. Or actually not so amazing if you see what some slotters do to their cars.
Anyhow after last November's race on the 1/24 Spa track in Alsdorf, a devious plan emerged out of the fumes of several double Baileys. It was clear that we wanted to go back to Spa..both 1/1 and 1/24, and as it happens they're only 60 km why not combine them into one event.

So we started planning and as a result we now present you with what we've named the FIA/GT Spa Double. Celebrate our Birthday's with good friends and do what we like most; race slotcars with friends , drink Baileys with them and share the rumble of the real cars... all in one go.
Doing a double is always better;)

The whole event will span 4 days starting on Thursday morning 26th of July in Alsdorf, Germany and ends on Sunday 29th of July @ Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. The first 2 days activities are racing 1/24 FIA GT cars and bowling, the last 2 days are spent watching 1/1 FIA GT cars in their natural habitat on their annual trek through the beautifull nature of the Belgium Ardennes.

The 1/24 Race format
The 1/24 Spa race will be an Team endurance where a maximum of 14 teams will be able to run on the 1/24 Spa track. The race will have day and night sections with teams running divided in 2 heats (check this link for more details in the provisional program). Teams must have a minimum of 3 drivers with a maximum of 6 drivers.

Entries for the race are now open and those of you with a team registration can simply click on the race sign in link.
Those without a LMC or Team registration please post on the forum with your desired Team name and we will create an team account for you.

The 1/24 Cars
The race is open for GT1 Cars running in original liveries as seen on Spa Franchorchamps and FIA GT/ LMES races (2004-2007). Info on the cars and their liveries can be found in the new Cars & Models pages To keep some variety on the grid a maximum of 3 cars per type will be allowed. (meaning max 3 Corvette C5's, 3 C6's, 3 DBR9's, etc. etc.) The cars will run on production chassis with handout rearwheels (scaleauto Pro comp 3), handout motors (Pro Slot Euro MK1) and a fixed gear ratio (9x44).

More detailed information on the race, the cars and the rules will be posted this week on the website.

Hoping to see you all in July at Spa
Gabe, Tamar, Willem, Nick & the rest of the LMC crew
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