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Here you'll find the provisional timetable for the Spa Franchorchamps events and general info on the Locations, Sleeping accomodation and Cheap Flights to Alsdorf, Germany.
The whole event will span 4 days starting on Thursday morning in Alsdorf, Germany and ends on Sunday @ Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.
The first 2 days activities are racing 1/24 FIA GT cars and bowling, the last 2 days are spent watching 1/1 FIA GT cars in their natural habitat on their annual track through the beautifull nature of the Belgium Ardennes.
Here's the provisional program in more detail....

Program FIA GT Spa double header (Provisional)

Wednesday 25th July @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
21:00 - 22:30 Build up , Preparation Track, Pits , Paddock and hardware (all help greatly appreciated
22:45 - 00:30 Running in of the track, testing hard & software
00:45 close down

Thursday 26th July @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
09:30 - 14:00 hrs Practice and TC
14:00 - 14:30 hrs Hand out Race Motor and Wheels (to be mounted in enclosed zone, cars stay in Parc ferme)
14:45 - 15:30 hrs Qualification (2 min p/team)
15:35 - 15:40 hrs Concourse (all cars line up on the grid according to Qual result.)
15:45 - 15:55 hrs Warm up heat 1 ( Heat 2 placed in Parc ferme)
16:00 - 18:15 hrs Run 1 , heat 1
18:20 - 18:25 hrs Warm up heat 2 ( Heat 1 placed in Parc ferme)
18:30 - 20:45 hrs Run 1, heat 2

Were still not sure if we will do a second run (Night conditions) Thursday night, or if its more fun to have a drink all together and do some bowling (after all..we are in a bowling centre)
Also by 21hrs the bowling gets very busy and noisy, Hard German disco is not the best conditions for a slotrace.
But if we do continue racing

21:00 - 22:30 Start run 2 Night conditions, heat 1 ( Heat 2 placed in Parc ferme)
22:45 - 00:30 Start run 2 Night conditions, heat 2 ( Heat 1 placed in Parc ferme)
00:45 close down

Friday 27th July @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
10:00 -10:05 Warm up Run 3 heat 1 ( Heat 2 placed in Parc ferme)
10:15 - 12:30 hrs Run 3 , heat 1
12:35 - 12:40 hrs Warm up heat 2 ( Heat 1 placed in Parc ferme)
12:45 - 15:00 hrs Run 3 heat 2
15:10 - 17:25 hrs Run 4 , heat 1
17:30 - 19:45 hrs Run 4 , heat 1
19:50 - 20:15 hrs Clean up and Classification
20:30 - 22:30 hrs Diner and award ceremony
00:00- ???? hrs Congratulate me with my 45th birthday and party @ your own responsibility till the early hours ;)

Saturday 28th July @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
10:00 -12:00 Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Juice & Aspirine and Check out Hotel.
12:30 Departure for Spa Francorchamps

Saturday 28th July @ Spa Francorchamps, Belgium
13:30 arrival @ Spa parking
16:00 Start Proximus Spa 24hrs
17:00 - 00:00 Start Spa Francorchamps walk around. A light rain coat and good walkingshoes are a must ;) ( We will slowly walk the complete circuit which will take us some 7hrs so we'll be back in the paddock round midnight. We'll have a break for dinner at the Spa Carting club round 21:00 hrs)

End of program, but you're welcome to stay for the full 24 hrs

FIA GT Race @ Alsdorf; Event Details and General Info
Titanic Bowling Center Alsdorf
Rathausstra�e 38-40 �
52477 Alsdorf
Tel.: 02404 - 6757911 � Fax: 02404 - 6757912

The Titanic Bowling has its own big Parking garage so we advice everybody to park there, most Hotels are really within walking distance.

Sleeping Accomodation:
There are 3 hotels in walking distance of the race track, and last november the Bad boys team parked their Camper in front of the building:

Appartement Hotel Corso:
Von Harff Strasse 19, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 90810
Their double rooms are Euro 50 per night (without breakfast) (25 per person per night).

Hotel Corso:
Burgstrasse 30, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 9040 -
According to their web site they'll charge the same as the above appartment hotel: Euro 50 per night per double room without breakfast.

Hotel Rathaus:
Hubertusstra�e 8, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 579570 -
They are right next to the race track and according to their web site offer single, double and tripple rooms with breakfast (Euro 40/70/85) or w/out breakfast (Euro 35/65/80).

Flying to Alsdorf :
Airfields with main carriers near Alsdorf are Dusseldorf (@75km), K�ln (@80km) and Brussels (@150km)
Ryanair now advertises with �10 flights from different European locations to Eindhoven (@120km) Brussels/Charleroi (@120km) and Dusseldorf/Weeze (@120km) and will start flying Barcelona-Maastricht/Aachen (@ 50km) from June 7th.
Check for more details.
Easyjet flies from different European locations to Brussels, K�ln, and Dortmund (@ 150km)
Check for more details.

For those who plan to Fly&drive and want to do the Spa doubble; Brussel, Charleroi and Maastricht Aachen would be the best option as these are closest to Spa Franchorchamps on the return trip.

FIA GT race @ Spa Francorchamps; Event Details and General Info
Circuit Spa Francorchamps
Route du Circuit, 55
B-4970 Francorchamps
T�l : ++.

Proximus 24hrs FIA GT Spa Francorchamps
Tickets (2006 prices) General entry �30, general entry and Paddock Acces �55 In general it is not neccesary to reserve tickets for the race, these can be bought at the gate. Extra fees (10-20�) can be charged if you want to acces the tribunes, but certainly for the start of the race this is worth it.
A light rain coat and good walkingshoes are a must ;)
Check the website for more details

Sleeping Acoomodation:
Sleeping during a 24 hrs must be joking ;) Although camping on the parking is not allowed officially we did saw several people with tents. But if you really want to camp out ther are several campsites near the circuit. Hotels during the 24hrs weekend are usually fully booked and charge overrated prices.
For more details check the official Spa Francorchamps website

As you enter the circuit area there are several Temporary Parking areas. Officials will try to steer you to a parking as far away as possible from the Circuit entrance so just keep going down the main road until they really stop you. Parking fee last year was �8 p/car.
Check the Spa Francorchamps website for more details
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