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Its been a while since I was active on the LMS site, Webmonster Willem started to recieve mail and U2U's asking: Is Tamar still alive! Well I am, just had a very, very busy 2 months in which I worked my ### off 24/7. So sorry for all the unanswered mails, U2u's and text messages. I'll try to get through the back log in the coming weeks. The good news is that while I was away, preparations for the 2005 season continued. Henry(slotmad) made an provisional LMS calender and Nick, besides joining the team as Rookie web editor, has written the first draft of the Group C regulations. Last but not least,Willem has been hard at work ugrading the website, the result of one of his projects can be seen below. We'll be able to update the homepage with live reports from the Hamburg 12 hrs......
Its time to we go again

"Ich bin ein Hamburger"
Once again team RFH is packing its bags to head of to Hamburg.
It will be our 3rd participation in what has truely become to be a "classic" Endurance event in the North German Territories.

Our first attempt was a bit dissapointing mainly because, the roadholding capabilities of our Nissan 390 "longtail" started to resemble those of an aircraft carrier as the race progressed.

The second time we tried something "different" and although the Enzo did achieve its goal (qualifying for the 2005 event) just one week preparation time meant that all was not as it should have been.

So for our 3rd attempt chief mechanic Nick de Wachter has burried himself for the past weeks in the Hot Slot basement.
The result...3 state of the art Nissan R90"s with some nice gizmo's as allowed under the liberal SLP rules.

If it will work...who knows, I certainly hope so.
As we say in Dutch: 3 keer is Scheeps recht" which can be best translated as "3 times Lucky"?

[b]Positions after 3 stints.

Team 24 796 laps
Matchbox 777 laps
Team Baltic 765 laps
Ace of Race 758 laps
Scale Team Berlin 684 laps[/b]

Matchbox has climbed from 9th to 7th place. With just 3 pilots, Mack is double stinting on lane 2 and 1 ( Blue and yellow outerlane). Peter will now do a doubble stint as he prefers not to drive in the dark. With 35 minute stints all drivers finally get a chance to get into some kind of rithym. Those 3 minute practice sessions were just way to hectic.
Peter is now running on lane Red (4) and already does a 7.18 in the race.


Laptimes range from just below the 7 sec to 7,50. Mack just came in and reported that the car was running fine. Tyrewear was 2/10ths in the 1st hour then it dropped to 5/100ths for the second hr?!. Looks like the grip levels are building fast.
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