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"A revival of the famous BMW M1 Procar series".... That was the idea when this project was started more than a year ago. Not really an original theme in slotracing, 1/24 M1's are very popular in Germany where they have been racing them for years. But the approach, scale and purpose of what's about to start on the Amsterdam Carrera track is.....

The Initiator
Leading man behind the Procar series is Ronald Zaal (pictured right) a former Touringcar team manager who, like so many guys active in 1/1 racing, loves racecars big and long as they look as good as the real cars and drive as well.

For 3 years he's been bussy constructing one of the most beautifull Carrera tracks in Europe, if not the world. During those late night hours he started thinking about how to have a race series were both novice and experienced slotracers could compete with each other.
They would need to have identical material, meaning identical cars, bodies, chassis...and a catching theme.
IROC some of you might say. True in this the US series Nascar, Indy and Cart drivers are invited to slugg it out in identically build Firebirds. But as Ronald has more affection with Bavarians than Americans, a grid full of BMW M1's Procars fitted his plans perfectly.
Pitching his idea to both experienced and soon to be experienced (slot)racers all of the 20 original Procars were soon spoken for. who could he turn to to build and prepare some 20 identical cars?

The Constructor
Nick de Wachter' and his growing reputation as one of the top of the line modelcar racers and constructors needs no introduction, but even he had to acknowledge that building the M1's has been a gigantic project. One that at times looked like it would go on for ever, even with a helping hand from time to time.

In total 25 cars have been build (all available Procars with some additional LM 's), all fully detailed and build to the same specs. Each car has been tried and tested and is capable of running the same lap times (at least with Nick driving ;)
So as the Dutch say: Lang gewacht, nooit gedacht en toch......gekregen. It may have taken more than a year but on Friday June 1st the procars will be presented to their expecting drivers.

Those of you who have been on the list for so long will be happy to now that they can very soon drive their new steed.

That's it for now, cant reveal much more before the drivers have picked up their M1's........on June 1st

more soon ;)
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