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Toronto during the last week of July, scene of what some call the 2009 Worlds, others the 2009 Masters. Fact is that despite economic challenging times, intercontinental slot politics and everything else that could have prevented this event from happening, Race Organiser Mark Cambell showed some real "endurance" spirit and managed to present the international gathering of slotracers a well organised event in a state of the art facility.

United slotracers of the world (f.l.t.r) Gabe Inbnit (CH), Javi Checa (ESP), Borge Haug (NOR), Glenn Wennerberg (NOR), Mike Stahl (US), Nick de Wachter (NL), Mark Cambell (CAN), Jan Roestorf (AUS)

Slot Pro's, Amateurs and Manufacturer support
On the grid in Toronto a familiar mix of racers and cars that were seen at previous IMCA events; Individual Sprint races with Ferrari 430 challenge bodies and (semi) production chassis, and Team races with ALMS LMP bodies and free chassis. The number of international participants may have been critisised by some as "not worthy of a Worldwide event" but they do present a major showcase of what modelcar racing should be all about. Good looking cars run by guys (and some girls) that want to race with each other for the sheer pleasure of sharing their hobby with compatriots.
Worldchampion or Master...what's in a name, its a race, one will win others won't, its only a game. The fun is in the playing ;)

Cars for the F430 sprint challenge

Canadian Grand Prix - LMP cars line-up

BRM Pro/Am Production Race
Of all the races during the event the one with the highest promotional value could very well be the BRM Pro/Am Production Race. Since BRM released its range of Porsche 962's 1/24 slotcars, the number of Hardbody racers on the North American continent stepping up a scale has been growing. The Toronto race will be contested with 24 identically prepared Porsche 956/962 cars provided by BRM.
The cars will be assigned based on the finishing order from the F430 Sprint Championship mixing the top Pro racers with the top Amateur racers.

The grid for the BRM 962 Pro Am race: 24 identically prepared Porsche 956/962 cars provided by BRM Model Cars (Italy) in conjunction with Scale Racing L.L.C. USA.

2009 PANAM PLAFIT Championship
The second manufacturer to support the Toronto event is the well know (at least in Europe ;) Japanese firm Plafit. Over the past 5 years the popularity and standard of their one class/one chassis Championships keeps rising. This years German round attracting no less then 170 racers. Run for the second consecutive year the Pan American has not reached these levels yet, but the influx of the Europeans that will take part will certainly raise the bar.

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