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  Second 1/24 Davic race in Charleroi
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On November 28th the Charleroi (B) based SRCB will host its second "Systeme Davic" Endurance race for 1/24 modelcars. With its Davic system the SRCB can run up to 15 slotcars simultaniously on their 6 lane Carrera track. Up until 2009 "Davic" racing was the exclusive domain of 1/32nd cars. But after running a succesful 24hrs race with 1/32nd Slot-it Gr C's in 2008 the club figured that their Suzuka shaped track was big enough to "step up a scale" and started testing 1/24 modelcars fitted with the same Davic chip. Its first 1/24 "Davic" race last May was a major succes with a full grid of 15 Gr C cars battling it out for more than 12 hrs.
This time the theme chosen for " Les 8 Heures du Pays Noir" will be GT's and Prototypes as raced in the Belgium 1/24 LMS series. The expexcted difference in speed between the heavier production chassied GT's and the lighter "open class" Prototypes will add even more realism to the on track "traffic "

Both Soul Brothers and RfH will return to Charleroi this weekend to take part in the event. Soul Brother Henri van Gool has fitted a new Plafit SLP1 chassis under their 2009 EEC Acura, while RfH teams up once again with Slot&Scale wizard Fola Osu.
Fola will bring one of his 908 to the track, fittingly clad in "Test" livery as this will be the first roll out of his new LMP chassis.

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