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  Very very sad news: R.I.P Salvatore Noveillo
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On Saturday 16 March the Italian newspaper La Cita di Salerno posted the news of a tragic car accident on the A30 between Mercato San Severino and Castel San Giorgio, the driver was killed his 12 year old son survived. Over the weekend this local news has roamed across slot-fora and websites all over the world.
Why.... because the driver of the car was Salvatore Noviello...lately know as the founder and driving force of NSR professional slotcars, but my last memories of Salvatore go back to before that area.
It was in 2005 when Salvatore was back into his winning ways during the IMCA worlds in Aalst. He won his last world championship there with 1/24 DTM cars and the Franco Gianotti memorial cup, a team race with 1969 Le Mans cars that we had build. He was extremely happy because if Salvatore drove...even in the smallest was always to win. In those days he was just beginning to start with his work under the NSR banner. When asked about his brand he would always answer with his special thick italian accent "I wanna make-a dee best slotte carrrrs in dee world". Like he always wanted to be, and always was convinced he was..the best slotracer in the world. Really words can barely describe the true character of a guy like Salvatore. His passion for slotracing or more his passion for life, it was always a joy to see him in action, on and off the track.

Later that year a heart condition forced him to retire from active racing and I did not see him again, just followed his rise as a leading slot manufactor and organiser of slot events. From time to time small snippets on the web would still show some of his old drive as a proud Italian racer. If someone critisized his cars to be "not to scale" or posted some blurry pictures of his cars on the could count on it that a passionate reply would follow.1

My condolences to his family and all his friends all over the world, he will be missed, he will be remembered.
World Champion, 100% made in Italy.... 100% Salvatore indeed.
My consolation for his loss is that he has lived his live with passion and always kept his dreams alive.

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