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  Le Neuf Heures de Le(eu)warden 12th edition
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One of the oldest clubs in Holland has, after an absence of 8 years, decided to revived their oldest event. Its a nine hours Endurance (slot)race inspired by Les 24 heures de Le Mans, held in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden. So they baptised it "Les Neuf Heures de Le(eu)Warden".
Its been more than 20 years since its first edition way back in 1992, the event being held for more than 10 years in a row late in the year. It started as a one day event, six teams racing on the six lane Carrera track for nine hours, with one third raced in the dark. As its popularity grew so did the event, in its hay days spanning the whole weekend with 12 teams running in two groups.
It is where we ran our first 1/24 Scale cars (1995), its a Dutch Classic, its our slot-race equivalent of the Indy 500, the Daytona 24 hrs and the 12 hrs of Sebring in one. (actually after 20 years the Carrera track surface is really as bumpy as Sebring )
And now after many persistant but friendly request with some gentle manipulation of the Club owners...its back!

We'll be broadcasting on 3 channels, with some of the racers acting as on the spot reporters.
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