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  Danish slotracers group buys De Pits 8 laner
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On Friday dec 30 a piece of LMS history was carfully loaded in to the back of a van in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. As Gorm Nørgaard shook hands with track builder Paul Schietkat and started his 1200km return trip to Danmark, we talked to Henrik Hasager (2h) of about future plans for their new track.

[b]LMS:[/b] Henrik, congratulations to you and the other Danish racers on the aquisition of your new wooden track. Did you know that besides getting a very well build and also very big wooden track you also got your hands on a piece of LMS history?

[b]2h:[/b] Well initially no, I first got into contact with Paul (Schietekat) a year ago when the track was first put on Ebay, he did mention that it had been used for 1/24 modelcar races, but it wasn't until we talked to you guys that we realised this was the track you raced your first 24hrs on.

[b]LMS:[/b] So what has happened for you to close the deal almost a year later?

[b]2h:[/b] At the time the asking price and the fact that I was bidding alone prevented a deal from happening. Over the year I talked to Paal (Hanson) and Gorm (Nørgaard) about combining our budgets and as the track came on the market for the second time, we were able to put in a realistic bid. I believe we were up against some British racers and guys were interested?

[b]LMS:[/b] As a matter of fact yes there was some interest and talk between a couple of the LMS guys. But in the end it came to nothing.
So....... what are You planning to do with it? Will you for instance organise the next 9hrs of Frederiksund on this track?

[b]2h:[/b]That is one of the possebilities we're now assesing. First priority is to inspect the track and then store it properly. We might be able to get some extra room at our club and set the track up in there. How big is it anyway?

[b]LMS:[/b] 45m in its biggest lay out and some 28m in the compact configuration.
De Pits 8 laner here seen in its "medium" configuration,
the track can grow to 45m length by adding straights between the corners

[b]2h:[/b] 45m might be a problem but we just might be able to shoe horn the shorttrack in. We also have a initial request to use the track commercially at Danish motorsport events. And who knows, we might put in a bid to organise the IMCA World's in 2007.

Well there you have it guys, looks like the "Pits" is about to start a new life in Danmark and found its way into the right hands after all.
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