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  More Than 24 Hours : Le Mans 2005
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A recent survey showed that gift certificates account for 35% of the X-mass presents, so there's a 33% change that you got stuck with one over the Christmas hollidays. So what to do with them?....well how about this!

“More Than 24 Hours” a perfect modellers reference

Ruben Anders, Michel Bresser and Joost Rijkhoek have done it again – with the second edition of their Le Mans 24 Hours annual.

The first came about when they realised after last year’s race that they simply had to create their view of Le Mans, using the thousands of photographs they had taken during the event. Each of the 50 entries last year was recorded photographically with loving care: two double pages of photographs dedicated to each car, the second a fabulous montage of images.

They’ve gone for a slightly different style this year. There are hundreds of photographs depicting the event, the atmosphere, the people, the crowds and the cars, but this time assembled, with the same attention to detail, around text relating to each aspect of the whole meeting.

The story begins with the Test Day in early June, and is followed with chapters covering Scrutineering, Qualifying, Pre-Race Events (the parade on Friday evening, then the ceremonies on Saturday) and finally the race itself. dailysportscar’s Malcolm Cracknell crafted the text, but the book still leaves room for a double page devoted to each of the 49 entries.

Over 10,000 words and 700 photographs are assembled into a lasting reminder of one of the greatest Le Mans races ever. The foreword is provided by four of the winners, just to complete the package: Tom Kristensen, Oliver Gavin, Tommy Erdos and Leo Hindery each explain the significance of the event to themselves and their respective teams.

More Than 24 Hours will be available from Januar 2006 at a price of € 47,50. via this website
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