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Pictures from the 2004 LMS races, some galleries still need to be restored. So check for updates

Dec 11, Mini Race Club Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Les 9 Heures de Le (eu) warden has proven itself time and again as a tough and exciting race. And exciting it was. With 2 Italians and an red Yank the big GTS’s were taking on the lean and mean LMP’s.
For local heroes Weam Team (Enzo), Danish Team Vikings (F550 Maranello) and Cahmp leaders RfH (Dodge Viper) the goal was obvious; giving the LMP’s of Matchbox, DVR, Smokey and Virage a hard time.

24 October, LMS 2004 R4, GT LMP Sprintrace, SRC Niederrhein, Moers, Germany
By now more and more racers were starting to appreciate the 3 class system. So the grid at Src Niederrhein saw a wide variaty of cars. Battling for concourse honours were Nick's F550 and Gabriel's Nissan 350 GT.
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