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Pictures from the 2005 LMS races and more, yes we did manage to retrieve most of the data, but some galleries still need to be restored. So check for updates

Dec 17 IMCA X-mas races, Aalst, Belgium
IMCA's X-mas races are a long time tradition amongst the international slotracers. This year's gathering saw the introduction of the 'uni body' class. All racers raced the same Tamiya Nissan, and all were painted in their national colors.

Dec 10-11LMS 2005 R6: 8hrs Endurance, MRTU, Uden, The Netherlands
As usual the last race of the 2005 series proved to be a real cliffhanger. Running modelcars on a Blue King is one of the biggest endurance test possible. To top things of, Matchbox, DVR and Smokey were lugged in a 8hrs long battle. The outcome of which would decide 2nd place in the championship. To spice things up series leader RfH added some yellow musscle power.

Oct 23 LMS 2005 R5: LMP GT sprintrace, SRC De Ridder, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Long straights, fast corners and loads of grip, the contrast almost couldn't be bigger compared to the previous race. LMS Round 5 was reserved for the "modern" sportscars. Nick de Wachter had worked all night to finish his "all carbondecal" Muricielago. No wonder he drove it very carefully.

Sept 10 LMS 2005 R4: Group C Sprint, Src Niederrhein, Moers, Germany
For the second Group C race the LMS headed east once again. The race in Moers had 2 novelties for the racers: Racing on Saturday and running on the famous Ortman/Wiesel tyres. To ease the transition to this new low grip "rubber", Poly kingpin Andreas Laufenberg had been asked to prepare tyres for all the cars.

April 4 LMS 2005 R2: Group C Sprintrace, MRCL, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
On April 17 the LMS came full circle as after 10 years Group C's once again filled the grid at the MRCL. As then, Gr C was intended to draw new slotters into 1/24 modelcar racing. A decade later the cars definately look better.
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