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Topic Review

 posted on 3-12-2009 at 17:19
Hello Guys

WIll write a racerep this week, had started...but ran out of time...a bit more patience

 posted on 3-12-2009 at 16:10
results :

1) R Nadoo, Lange, R. Massart 2.563 trs -- Proto
2) Z-Machine 1 H. Jacob, B. Van Campenhout, Perry, JC Job 2.528 trs -- GT
3) SRCB-Generation H. Gregoire, B. Brbois, J. Maes, T. Brebois 2.516 -- Proto
4) RFH Osu Fola ,T. Nelwan, W. Kloppenburg, G. Inabnit 2.499 trs -- Proto
5) Z-Machine-2 P. Laudet, P. Destre, D. Baele, D. Rasseneur 2.433 trs -- GT
6) ERT Eeckhout Thierry , et fils 2.291 trs --GT
7) Team Soul Bros inc M. Oosterling, H. Van Gool 2.246 -- Proto
8)SRCB-3 E. Denison, C. Pegorer, P. Pegorer 2.095 trs -- GT
9) Alphycar Loyens J. ,Loyens A.,Valkenborgh L. 1.939 trs -- GT

 posted on 3-12-2009 at 03:00
How was it?
Who won?

Did racing the 2 different classes of cars at the same time present any issues?

Looking forward to a report, Terry
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