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Ford GT 2010
fola - 3-7-2010 at 16:47

Hi Guys,
the kit Is finally ready ;-)
Every thing needed to build a fast good looking GT racer !
All 2010 Decal versions are available.

Here you can see how the kit was created.
Here you can see the build up of the first cars...


Radstand/Wheelbase: 114,0mm
Breite vorne/Front width: 83,0mm
Breite hinten/Rear width: 84,5mm
Hohe/ Height: 43,5mm
Breite Schweller/Inner side sill width: 70,0mm
Gewicht weight : 20-24 Gramm

GFK Body, Lexanwindows, Interior with lexandriver/with Resin driver, Helmet, seat, decals,inserts, brake discs
spoiler mirrors, PE belt hardware, window wiper, exhaust pipes........

Ford GT1 2010 1/24 The making of....

I Love slotcars!!!

Alvaro - 5-7-2010 at 16:11


n9949y - 5-7-2010 at 23:43

3 years ago I anticipated a Ford GT would be raced- somewhere, sometime. So Using a 1/24th AutoArt body mounted on a custom scratchbuilt chassis, applying some modeling detail and aftermarket decals to represent at ALMS GT2 class machine I constructed this which I race at Pelican Park Speedway Eugene, OR, USA:

Calsonic - 6-7-2010 at 18:03

Hei Fola !

Nice car :holy

fola - 21-7-2010 at 16:36

gabe2001 - 21-7-2010 at 17:24

very nice!
which light kit(s) have you used?
which paint have you used for the blue?

fola - 2-8-2010 at 05:54

Thanks for the youtube tip!
Paint is MIPA
Light kit Zmaschine........
Best regards,

fola - 2-8-2010 at 05:58

Will be doing some engine detail and hope to Vac form the parts, but first I have to scratch build this piece. ideas? I could only think of 1 way.... :-(

Sheet plastic plastic tube T-Shafts and glue!

fola - 2-8-2010 at 06:28


fola - 3-8-2010 at 06:22

Zmachine - 25-8-2010 at 15:03

Hi gabe,

Oooh ! There was a long time :holy

As it seems you 've got interest in Zmachine light kits... will inform you surely !
I have heard Fola is keeping some in the shelf...

Always fine to meet you again,
Friendly regards,