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Carrera Ford GT, modified for competition
Tom v L - 2-9-2018 at 07:15

Hello all,

I allways have the idea to show up on the startline for a club night, with something you don't see very often.
In this case, a Carrera Ford GT.
Why a Carrera and not an Arera71? Just to prove even a Carrera can be made competitive!

The biggest problem would be the heavy weight body.
Can't remember it correctly, so you may correct me when i'm wrong.
But I believe I started at 41grams.

First easy thing to do was to replace the original interiour with a lighweight version.
That was the easy part, used google and voilà. At they had just the thing I've been looking for.
Another odd thing I've found, that the body excisted out of 2 seperate parts, the blue and red were 2 different moldings
So at certain areas, we had double layers of plastik like the roof, doors and the rear wheels panels.
By removing all off this extra non needed material, the bodyweight came down very quick.
Just had to use my dremel to get the last extra weight out, to end up at our min. weight of 21 grams.

The second issue was, what sort of chassis I would choose for this car. 3D or plastik or ..
I decided to gor for a homemade plastik chassis like we were used to do in the late 90's early 00's.
So the wheelbase was measured and ended up with the Slotit Gr.C Jaguar JXR 12/9 chassis.
I had to make a few modifications to the chassis, add diffuser, different splitter!!!, and creating different bodyscrew points.
The splitter of the Carrera chassis was created so it go thru their R1 banked corners. For this reason it looks hideous.
So I created a more flatter splitter, but ended up with a gap of about 1.5mm between body and chassis.
Again a small body modification was needed, 1.5mm thick sheetplastic was glued to the body and sanded into shape to close the gap between the 2 components.

A bigger problem came up, how to fit a Slotit Flat6 in anglewinder position in this car.
As their was no room to fit the gears and moto in this position.
I ended up with doing some body modifications, create a bubble to fit the spur gear and a small extension for the motor.

After all these modifications I ended up with a ready to go Carrera Ford GT.
All mechanical components were added and prepped, and after a first little test run.
The car prooved to be in a very competitive shape, only about 0,5sec. slower then the fastest Slotit Porsche Gt1.
Now it was time to start prepping the rear NSR tires and tuning the chassis.

More will follow after this car has run his first race. I'll keep you all posted.

Grunz - 2-9-2018 at 20:11

Very nice Tom. If I understood you correctly, you didn't need to sand the body to make it lighter but just removing the excess body parts.

Tom v L - 4-9-2018 at 18:26

Originally posted by Grunz
Very nice Tom. If I understood you correctly, you didn't need to sand the body to make it lighter but just removing the excess body parts.

Hey Grunz, I only had to do so in the roof at the moment.

Still need to do a lot more in the rear wheel arches, bonnet and doors.
But first things first, i have other project to finish.
As this is just a club competition car.

Ps: next time I will downsize my pictured first ;)

tamar - 4-9-2018 at 23:54

Nice post you've done there Tom, with the entries for the 2019 LM 24hrs about to open in 10 days. This will be a most interesting read for all who want to enter this car.

Post a link on FB to your article here?