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     Races and Events: The fantastic DPM 2008
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driver.gif posted on 4-5-2008 at 15:37 Reply With Quote
The fantastic DPM 2008

This weekend the 2008 DPM was held in Dietzenbach, Germany

It was a surprise for me to be there, as I was to late to subscribe with my own team, but a few days before the race Fola called me and asked if I'd wanna be his third driver in his team SG Stern. I happily accepted of course.

It turned out to be one of my best surprise's ever in slotracing. I've never seen such a superb event. The technical level was unbelievable high, competition was awesome, and the friendship between all the racers gave me the best feeling I've had in a long time in slotracing.

Coming to a race with only my controller was a welcome fact for me :laugh:
Practise with Fola's concours winning car went surprisingly well, and at the end of practise we reached the 7,4 sec barier :car::car:
The teams of Ralph Seif, Martin Bartelmes, Peter Oberbillig and Bad Boys were doing 7,2 sec, and after those teams we were about 6-8th fastest of the field.

The qualification lane was randomly picked just before qualifying, so nobody could do extra practise. For us the chosen lane 7 was a bit unlucky, since we didn't practise a lot on lane 7. I did my best in the three laps I had and qualified an unlucky 27th.

Our race was pretty good, although we still don't really know why the car was getting slower towards the end. When all was over we were still a reasonable 20th.

Watching the finals was one of the most thrilling races ever. Keeping in mind ACR's performance in practise, I kept my eyes on them while they went through the slower lanes first, where Caroline and Ralf Seif did a great job. But when they came to lane 1,2 and 3, it was Alex's turn. He put in some blistering times and soon pulled away to a certain win. But the real excitement was the last stint.
Before each last stint of a group, there was a technical controle, which revealed that the BadBoys were criticly low. This had to be fixed in ten laps. This meant that Christoph Kremer had no time to true down the new tires he wanted to put on the car. So after the tyre change Michael Niemass had to race on wheels of 27,5 in diameter, where normally everyone raced on 26.0. Of course the entire car was extremely high on clearance now.
Back on the track in fifth position, Michael did such a stint on the relatively slow lane 5, on undriveable tires, that I can only put this emoticon here :holy:holy:holy:holy:holy
Soon he was back in fourth, then to third, chasing down number two, Kevin Krollman on which he had one lap less. Pushing like hell Micheal got within two meter of Kevin on the quicker lane 1, and then ran out of time.
With Andreas Laufenberg's Kraner Racing having reached 747 laps in the previous heat, meant the BadBoys finished fourth, a truly unbelievable result. :holy

Right after the race there was such a nice surprise by Kurt Petri. On a huge screen on the walls there was a 4 minute videoclip of this weekends race, with high and low points of the teams, leaded by the "we are the champions' song. Truly fantastic!

Right from Thusrday morning when I arrived till Saturday evening, every detail was covered by Kurt Petri and his crew. The local TV station and two newspapers where there to report the race, and having a real grandstand for visiting non-slotracers, were on average 50-70 people were watcing the races, was also so nice!

This organisation was something I've never seen before, making it an honour for me to having been at the DPM 2008. For this I want to thank Kurt and all the people present. :holy

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posted on 4-5-2008 at 18:52 Reply With Quote

Nick.... thanks for coming, you literally saved our asses!
It was real cool having you help out, was also real cool theorizing
about the whys whats hows and whens of our great hobby.
The racing was hard, but real fun. The event and the organization itself
was, as you said, IMPECCABLE. Just Perfect. There were real Pros at work ;-)

The racers all put on a great show especially at the end, the Racing was really thrilling.
Hope to be there next year and hope to win Concour again and get way better
race results :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
A shame that we will race against each other .....

From dpm2008
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posted on 6-5-2008 at 09:18 Reply With Quote



7.600s_ #22 Bad Boys
7.609s_ #12 Plastikquäler
7.618s_ #16 No Limits
7.638s_ #15 Dr. Slot Juniors
7.641s_ #11 A.C.R.
7.727s_ #57 Plastikquäler 2
7.768s_ #51 Bahnmeister
7.784s_ #13 Criccrarc
7.811s_ #14 Kraner Racing Team
7.886s_ #37 Abina Slot Racing
7.889s_ #25 Marina Alta
7.918s_ #71 Dr. Slot
7.950s_ #17 KIK Racing
7,973s_ #24 Jäger Team
8.000s_ #84 Slotgemeinde
8.003s_ #52 Team Franken II
8.009s_ #43 Bergru
8.010s_ #77 L.E. Slot
8.012s_ #76 NASCAR Slot Racing 2
8.016s_ #23 Tim Comacra
8.019s_ #33 ALGT Team
8.027s_ #58 Blitzstart Racing
8.027s_ #72 Kraner Racing Team 2
8.034s_ #31 Slot Terrassa
8.053s_ #36
8.058s_ #35 Cursa Sport
8.070s_ #26 SG Stern
8.074s_ #53 Teuto Corse
8.074s_ #18 NASCAR Slot Racing
8.079s_ #28 X-Rookies
8.083s_ #74 Team Franken I
8.098s_ #55 AMC Nassauer Land
8.107s_ #65 Slot-Tigers
8.115s_ #27 Slot Mittelrhein
8.142s_ #46 Canam Queens
8.173s_ #54 Share the Spirit
8.181s_ #34 Engage Models Racing
8.209s_ #48 Slot Connection
8.259s_ #45 Piccomat
8.283s_ #56 Raceway Frankfurt
8.298s_ #47 Vaillante Racing
8.371s_ #21 Leo Chili Racing
8.380s_ #38 Grenzlandslot
8.382s_ #88 PCC Junior Team
8.423s_ #44 Dream Cht'eam
8.404s_ #41 Nighthawks
8.829s_ #42 Peco Racing
11.891s_ #32 New Wave

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posted on 8-5-2008 at 00:21 Reply With Quote

Originally posted by JustMe This organisation was something I've never seen before, making it an honour for me to having been at the DPM 2008. For this I want to thank Kurt and all the people present. :holy

Hi Guys,

Just in the door having flown back to Toronto. First, to join Nick and the many others in paying tribute to Kurt Petri for this wonderful event and a level of organization that just blew my mind. Secondly, a word of thanks that I did not get to deliver to Michael Niemas for preparing the Canadian car . . . thank you Michael for taking this time . . . I only wish I could do the same. And lastly, to Michael Riehl and my IMCA friends that I did not get to see at the closing due to an unexpected health issue . . . thank you for the warm reception and kind words. However, the part of the DPM that impressed me the most . . . was the large number of young racers . . . a great sign for the future . . . and perhaps Kurt's greatest accomplishment! See you all in few months time.

Mark Campbell
Scale Racing America

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Keld Hoefler

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posted on 9-5-2008 at 15:18 Reply With Quote

Yes it was a great event again, see you all next time.

TV in RTL:

and the local news:


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