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     Races and Events: EEC R3 race report Dutch Age Racing
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posted on 26-5-2008 at 09:34 Reply With Quote
EEC R3 race report Dutch Age Racing


To start I would like to thank the organization, all racers and others who made this event a great success. To me Alsdorf is a great
event. It is much more than a race, due to all people who took part. It is the whole package which gives me a very good feeling. The race format, the location and the interaction with the people involved. Most important is to see that we share the same passion and that everybody is cooperative to make it a great success. There are no winners to my opinion. In the race we have a finishing order. We are all winners. We all put positive energy in the passion that we share. So far, thanks to you all.

The preparation of the race.

After the struggle at Merlijn (11th) I lost for some time the motivation, to start all over again with the badly damaged MC12. What to do? built a new one or repair? What to do with the set-up? No time (left) to built a new one. For the set-up I went back to Oslo, as a matter of speaking, where we did perform well (3rd). That is why our MC12 was the heaviest again (228 gr). For us 40+.. 50- racers, this means we have a stable and forgiving car. Definitely not the fastest car. So what??

The race.

We had many great battles with RFH Lambo and some times with Bad Boys MC12 and RFH MC12. We (Marcel and I) enjoyed it very much, had fun, fought our battles and solved our problems. The last thing is an example of the way we help each other to have a good race. During the night session our car dropped the speed with 0,2 seconds per round. We did not know the cause of it. After the tire change the problem stayed and I started to talk with some colleague racers what might the problem and what to do. Thanks to an advise of Jurgen Studeman of Slotfabrik we decided to oil the engine. It worked out well and our speed was back on the level where it belongs. At the finish we were 4th and that is very okay for us.

We are looking forward to meeting you all again, to share the passion and the spirit.

See you in EEC 2009 (or earlier)

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