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     Body Talk: 2011 Lola LMP1
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posted on 26-6-2011 at 02:34 Reply With Quote
2011 Lola LMP1

When I first read last year of the ACO new regulations that LMP cars would have to carry a dorsal fin, I determined that I would have to have/make a 2011 LMP coupe with the fin. I slightly modified Nick deWachter's 2009 Aston Martin to a more or less 2011 Lola B09/60 carrying the shark fin and a fictitious livery. The rear wing is an extra Carrera Audi R8 wing epoxied to the uprights, body and fin. Very sturdy. The finished body is mounted on a Scholer chassis modified for local racing specs including 1/8th inch diameter axles, Pro Track tires.

By the way from my decal supply I used as driver decals one that reads Boris Said. Hence the "Said Heads" out in number at Pelican Park Speedway celebrating their guy's driving.
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