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Scaleauto GT Race 7 & 8
Hardinxveld-Giessendam (Netherlands)
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Date: 24 October 2015
Tracktype: Wood, 6 lanes
Type: Sprint
Max entries: 36
1/24 Scaleauto GT 2015

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Hieronder vind je het technisch reglement van het Scaleauto Kampieonschap 2015. Klik op het PDF icoontje om het reglement te downloaden voor offline gebruik.
Headlines & News
Modern GT Series 2015
In 2015 a new series will start in Germany called the Modern GT-Series. Alex Ortmann and Nick de Wachter known for organising the OEPS Series the last couple of years, have changed the setup of the series slightly to allow for more competition between slotracing teams. Below you'll find the key concepts of the series.
Notice the Center of Gravity Gauge (tool, measuring equipment) to measure the height of the C.O.G. in the body. This allows basic plastic models like the Scaleauto's to be just as competitive as "hightech" CFK / Carbon moulded models.

Modern GT cars from 2012 today from any 1/1 racing class.
- Bison 2 motor (handed out): Has enough power to be similar in power as the small OEPS motor.
- Procomp 4 Tyres (handed out): Are harder then Procomp3 and will last longer.
- COG (Center of Gravity) Gauge: Will determine the height of the COG in the body.
- BOP (Balance of Performance): Different weights per body.
- Plastic bodies favoured: Plastic versions (Scaleauto etc) may be 3 grams lighter then GFK version.
- Brass chassis: No more expensive exotic materials in the chassis plate allowed (70mm wide).

17-18 April, Raceway Frankfurt (Germany)
5-6 June, SRC Niederrhein
30-31 October, SF-Karlsruhe
27-28 November, Renncenter Trier

....... full story....
Slotrace Clubs around the world
....... full story....
New Scaleauto Porsche: The 991 RSR..I hope
On the front page of the 2014 Scaleauto catalog as released on the Neuremburg Toy Fair
Porsche's latest weapon in International GT racing....the 991....... full story....
For many Nick de Wachter needs no introduction. Nick started slotracing in Amsterdam as a kid with his dad in the early ninties. He's now a full time slotrace professional that does most of his racing in Germany. Here's his take on the DTSW series

the full article is now in dutch, but pictures tell the stories just as well. (full English translation to follow)....... full story....