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2004: #04 Notter
2004: #05 Vitaphone
2004: #07 Transvu
2004: #08 Transvu
2004: #28 Putinka
2006: #09 Zakspeed
2006: #11 Balfe
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Even while running the Grand Am GTO title winning Mustang SR , long time Ford tuner Steve Saleen decided that his next project would not be a Ford upgrade, but a thourougbred Sportscar, one buildt from a clean sheet of paper.

In the 2001 the S7-R made its debut in the Daytona 24hrs. Constructed by British Sportscar stalwarth Ray Mallock Ltd, the car prooved it had the potential to take the fight to the Corvettes and the Vipers.

Its mid engined alimunium V8 and It is constructed with a unique hybrid of a steel spaceframe and aluminum honeycomb panels encased with autoclave-cured carbon fiber bodywork., moved the goalpost in GT racing. Many feared that the car would eliminate all opposition, but although the Saleen usually fared well in Qualifying, the S7R race performance was always handicapped by the restriction penalties Saleen got for failing the minimum required production numbers. Saleen S7 race cars were sold prior to 2002, but the first Saleen S7 road car to be sold was a 2003 Lizstick Red chassis #018 that was delivered on June 6, 2002

After its initial season Saleen stepped back to let customers teams run the S7R in FIA and ALMS championships. Its biggest succes came by the hands of German Konrad Motorsports who took a class victory in the 2001 Sebring 12 hrs.

With the FIA and ACO continuing their efforts to streamlinew their regulations it looks like the Saleen will finally be released from the restrictor/weight penalties that burdened its performance in the past 2 years. At the 2004 FIA GT Monza pre season test a S7R topped the time sheets, according the Franz Konrad reliability issues have been dealt with so this could be Saleens year.

Currently, the S7R competes in the European Le Mans Series LMES, campaigned by Saleen/Oreca, sponsored by Playstation and driven by Stephane Ortelli and Soheil Ayari and in the French GT Series FFSA sponsored by Anaveo and driven by Bruno Hernandez and Soheil Ayari. The S7R comptetes in the FFSA series, campaigned by Protek and driven by Dominique Dupuy and Francois Fiat . Campaigning in the FIA GT series, the Zakspeed S7R is driven by Sasha Bert and Jarek Janis. Europe Saleen S7Rs continue to win poles, set fastest race laps and win races in the highly competitive FIA GT, FFSA and LMES Championships.

The Saleen / Oreca had arrived too late from her Californian homeland to take part in the first of the five “Le Mans Series” races at Istanbul in April. Hence, the US-French team’s ambitions were rather realistic for this learning season. While gathering experience for 2007, the team aimed at one or the other punctual win. And this is exactly what the team and their formidable drivers achieved two out of four times despite several mechanical problems. On top of this, the team finished on the 3rd position in the team and drivers ranking of the “Le Mans Series”.

This is certainly more than Steve Saleen could have hoped for during the first year with ORECA, this French team which he had noticed had effortlessly scored one win after the other with the Viper in Daytona, Sebring and the other American Le Mans Series races. A good omen for the future…

Saleen SR7 Konrad (LM 2003):
Length: 4770 mm, Width: 1990 mm, Height: 1040 mm, Wheelbase: 2700 mm Tyres:Pirelli P Zéro 275/30 R 19 & 355/25 R 19 , Wheels OZ 12x18 & 13x18

Models for Saleen S7R
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Cursa Models Vitaphone FIAGT 2004 1/24 99.9x82.5x40.0 99.9 81.0 82.5
Cursa Models Saleen SR7 MRW Spanish GT 2006 1/24 99.9x82.5x40.0 99.9 81.0 82.5
Scale Production Saleen SR7 1/24 0.0x0.0x0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
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