Suzuka 6hrs WEC 26 January 2020, Best, (The Netherlands)LMS-forum
Src Eindhoven Ninco
Sint Odulphusstraat 2,
5682 AB Best
The Netherlands
Type: Endurance
Max entries: 15
Duration: 1 day
Tracktime (hh/mm/ss):
Lanes: & Type:
6 Lanes:, Ninco Oxygen Digital
Organisation: Src Eindhoven/ DiSCA
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The Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital is a perfect opportunity for all slotracers on the Northern European continent to try Oxigen racing in an Endurance format and has become the place for the digital regulars to test their cars in preparation for the Oxygen Le Mans 24hrs in Henley in Arden.
BR> New teams that would like to make to their debut in digital slot racing will be required to attend Saturdays practice session to familiarize themselves with the track and its digital features.The organisation can provide technical assistance and has several controllers available for rent, should new teams require them.
Note: subscriptions have confirmed there entry by payment!
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